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A buddy of ours Mr. Cole is a talented musician.. He’s always playing around town and in a number of bands.. He’s currently touring somewhere in Europe right now with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s.. 1) Rock’n the Black Cassette Jeans.. (Photo: Bryony Shearmur)

Mr. Cole

Linkin Park performed at the Premiere of Transformers 2 in Westwood. This was a huge production, basically closing down a good portion of Westwood for the Movie premiere and the live performance of Linkin Park. Joe Hahn(Linkin Park) hooked up couple of passes to the event.. and it was all good in the hood.. The […]

Linkin Park Westwood

Buddy Joanimal was gallivanting around Europe when she told me about Lykke’s semi-secret private performance at Bardot.. When we pulled up there was TMZ, paparazzi’s and a total scene..  None the less we were able to get on Lykke’s list and got in with noooo problemo… 1)Inside/Outside 2) Jennie, Teresa Lykke killed it.. Lykke at […]

Lykke at Bardot

I’m gonna be play’n this all Summer.. I think this is gonna be my 09 Summer Anthem! (click play button below) NYC Wake up your neighbors with this every morning…

Summer Anthem

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Regent

Edward Sharpe @ The Regent

Heard that they closed down Hollywood Blvd for a Depeche Mode show… Met up with Joanne, Teresa, and Juanita at Teresa’s house in Los Feliz. We saw the thousands upon thousands of hard core fans already in line.. By 4pm the line for admission extended from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset at least fifty people wide, […]

Depeche Mode Hollywood Blvd Show

Palm Springs Coachella Weekend in a nut shell. 1) Riviera Hotel 1) K-Mac 2) Teresa, Neran and Jenilee 1) Stefanie  2) Peter B. 1) Amazing twilight Sunset. The Calm before the madness. 1) Pase Rock 2) A-Trak 1) Joy(middle), Linda(Rt) 2) Kev, Mike-1 1) Mr Dom P   2) Audrina Patridge 1) Transaction 2) Lonely […]

Palm Springs Coachella Weekend..

Rolled down to Palm Springs for Coachella weekend.. Buddies, Josh Madden, Sky, and Timmy flew in from nyc to conduct interviews with bands who were in Palm Springs for Coachella…. Neran and I cruised down and met up with the nyc heads at Ace hotel.. 1) Josh in the mist of one of his interviews, […]

Palm Springs

After the Purple lounge Neran, Peter B, and I headed down the street to the Rainbow (an old school rock bar/food spot) wear Joe Hahn from Linkin Park was posting up with Dom and a home girl from a death metal band..  Pizza time, thanks Neran.. 1) Dom 2) Joe Hahn


Lykke Li spun a little set over at the Purple Lounge on Sunset.. Door was a little mad cuz they were at capacity… Talked with Joel K and his buddy in line. Short wait later.. Saw Peter Graham (rock’n a cassette shirt) and he pointed me to Neran’s table.. 1,2) Likke Li – (Love your […]

Lykke Li at Purple Lounge

22 year old Lykke Li from Stockholm taking the underground world by storm.. Represent… Girls, start falling in Love… Dance-Dance-DanceDance, Dance, Dance

Lykke Li

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