Roll’n 6 deep in Stockholm.. One of which is home girl Mia one of the sweetest and one of the more talented designers around.

Sista keeping it gangster at the dinner table..(no photoshop)

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series.

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series.

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves”
No Photoshop..

Raise your hands

On to the next spot..

Everybody say HO

Everybody say HO….


Skate Spot

Skate Spot Stockholm.


Top of the morning.. A little rosé to start the day..


Good Morning or Good Night

Lydmar Hotel

Posted up at the Lydmar Hotel during our stay in Stockholm..

Art hung everywhere as well as art books laying about everywhere… I really appreciated the open layout and the use of non private spaces in the dinning area. The bar was treated somewhat like a library.  Perfect if you ever need a night cap.. Shout out to Carl and the wonderful staff at Lydmar.

Like a Moth to Flame..

Like a moth to flame burned by the fire.


One hour outside Oslo Norway.

Up In The Club..



Waterfront in Stockholm-Sweden..


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Evidence of a FunFriday…

Day Job Photo Exhibition Recap

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“Day Job?” the Photo Exhibition.

Group show curated by Hypebeast’s Eugene Kan brought together together a series of relevant creative industry personalities as they look to showcase their ability to visually communicate beyond their “day jobs” and in the realm of photography. The exhibition included photography from the likes of jeffstaple (Staple Design), Jules Gayton (Leilow), Neek (Stussy Las Vegas), Jon Warren (Vans), Peter James Lee (Cassette Denim), Ian Paley (Garbstore), Kobe Chen/KS (Subcrew) and Ephraim Chui (Capita Snowboards) among other participants. The exhibition which takes place at Hong Kong’s Above Second will conclude at the end of the month. Proceeds from the sale of the prints will be donated to the International Center of Photography.

[Words and photos taken from HypeBeast.com]

26 Gigapixels Paris

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Inventory Mag

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Old geezer Paul Taylor from London-town (old link) stopped by L.A. for a shopping trip..

He was kind enough to bring me the first issue of Inventory “A Curation of Ideas Product, Craft & Culture.”  It’s like a street version of Monocle..

In the issue there’s interviews from,
Nigel Cabourn
Miser Freedom
Nom de Guerre
Duluth Pack
Willo Perron
Engineered Garments
Yuketen and
Chris Gibbs.

Thanks PT hope to see you soon ol buddy.


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Lunch Box at Teddy’s

1) Ibn, Neran 2) Hollywood Holt

1) Peter, Rhea 2) Ant, Franda

On Target

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Rolled up to Steve’s gun club in Orange County..

My 10 round group from 30 feet. 9mm pistol hand held upright.

Steve.. (The Target is at 30 feet)


Alice “in wonderland”.

Chanel Tattoo

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This tattoo story starts off with a afternoon shopping with buddy Joel Madden, and then some alone time at Central Park.

After my alone time in snowy Central Park I went and got ready for some fashion and night time antics, I can’t get into tooo much detail, but the day went a little something like.. shopping, photos in central park, fashion show, presentation, hard core punk band, yummy food (lobster, pork belly, cooked cheese, apple pie, mad drinks), celebs, suv, body gaurds, penthouse. Somewhere amongst the drinks and food, I heard my name Peter-Lee from Claudine and she busted an official Chanel envelope with all kinds of temporary Chanel tattoos.. I instantly turned into a little kid and got all excited about picking one.. (Dear buddies that are mad inked…I mean no disrespect to y’all)  Thanks Claudine..

Mad props to my bruva Josh for having the Official-Official CC.


Buddy Jeremiah Griffiths gets into town as I am doing my last minute rounds… We caught up at our other buddy Morgan’s Surf shop Saturdays and had caught up for a bit over a cup of coffee. Really nice catching up.. Excited for you my man..

If your in the SoHo area, and want to check out directional surf shop.. Check’em out..

31 Crosby St, NY

They also have a coffee bar and a nice patio out back..

Red Umbrella NYC

Red Umbrella NYC

(Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Winter 2010 NYC

Winter 2010 NYC.

(Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Two Twins in Central Park

Two Twins in Central Park.
Winter 2010 NYC.

(Color, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Stone Cold

Stone Cold. NYC

(Hand held, No Photoshop)

(Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)