Deathbowl to Downtown

  • Posted on: October 9th, 2008
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The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York City :: The new documentary film Deathbowl to Downtown..

Can’t wait…

Chanel’s Moving Exhibition

  • Posted on: October 7th, 2008
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Check the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibition website. Chanel’s Moving Exhibition has already been in Hong Kong, Tokyo and is now setting up shop in New York..(ahhh deam).. It is also set to stop over in London, Moscow and ending it’s journey in Paris.

Pics from the Hong Kong stop.

I Miss The Old New York

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I miss the old New York….

Esquire Anniversary

  • Posted on: October 3rd, 2008
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Rolled up with Rickey Loc to the Esquire Anniversary party in the Hollywood Hills..

1)Pool, Jacuzzi 2)Master Bedroom

1) Intels touch screen table computer

1,2) Taste test.. Up to 200 year old Richard Hennessy..

Imprint LA

Imprint LA 2008:: A 1 day conference was with Kenya Hara-Art Director for MUJI, Sean Baptiste-Rock Band, Hiroshi Fujiwara-Fragment, David Wilson-Kangol, jeffstaple-STPL, Michael Kuhle-Lomography, John C Jay-W+K.. and many others.

Below are a couple of pics of Hiroshi Fujiwara-Fragment, David Wilson-Kangol, jeffstaple-STPL, Michael Kuhle-Lomography, and John C Jay-W+K as moderator.. speaking on “The Cult of Collaboration.” The lecture spoke on many different themes in regards to the history, pro’s, cons, likes and dislikes of collabo’s.. They also talked about how Fragment and Kangol’s collaboration came to fruition as well as STPL and Lomography’s collaboration came to be..

I really liked the 1-2-1 talk between Jeff and Hiroshi.. Jeff and Hiroshi spoke openly.. Jeff at times asking some meaty questions..

The session.. ended with a light hearted question from the audience(via text), “are rolled up pants the next trend” Hiroshi looked at his pants and looked at Jeffs pants(they both were rolled up) smiled and said…. I guess so…..

Thanks Raymond-URB for look’n out…

Disney Hall- Los Angeles

  • Posted on: September 29th, 2008
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Disney Hall- Los Angeles:

Frank Gehry-Designer
111 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Alicia Keys -Santa Barbara Bowl

Alicia Keys: Santa Barbara Bowl.

So fly,, So fly..

I was bugg’n out when I went up to where they were selling concert tee’s, posters, and programs..
I saw a poster and a tee with Alicia Keys wearing our red cassette jeans ….. Hello.. So fly… So fly..
Thank you for the Tickets. We’re huge Fans!

Johnny Cash Screening

Johnny Cash Screening: Repost from our buddies at Evil Monito

Screening of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
The Hammer Museum – Santa Monica, CA
Event: 10/3/08

The making of Cash’s landmark album is the narrative arc of this new documentary about a concert recorded in a prison cafeteria and captured by legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall. Two prisoners’ lives are also interwoven into the structure of this film that examines the transition of Cash’s character and his career. The presence of life in Folsom, the obstacles its prisoners faced and the struggles Cash encountered are brought to the surface. Original animation, interviews, and long lost archival material make this a compelling journey with one of America’s most celebrated icons revealing a complex unknown man in black. Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison celebrates his music, the history of an unprecedented recording, and its significance in understanding a life forever defined by darkness and light.

West Coast Premiere.
Starts at 7:00pm
Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Bestor Cram.

* All Hammer public programs are free. Tickets are required, and are available at the Billy Wilder Theater Box Office one hour prior to start time. Limit one ticket per person on a first come, first served basis. Members receive priority seating, subject to availability. Reservations not accepted, RSVP’s not required.

The Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Street Art: Inflatable Bag Monsters

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Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters

Downtown LA

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Question.. What do you do when you find your self the only one on the highway?

Answer.. Open her up…

Downtown LA…

Happy Birthday Nicole

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Happy Birthday Nicole..

Futura LA Preview

The Futura Preview opening was last night.. Futura presented a huge body of work for the show…. Some people said it was one of his largest presentation yet..
There was an “A” list of underground peoples came out to represent…
Really good time to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages.. Shout to Garth Trinidad and Max..old school LA sk8 days..

Gold Bar

After the Metropolitan Home, Showtime house we rolled down to the Eldridge to say hi to Matt and Max. Hung out for a few.. Met up with Laura then we rolled to the Gold Bar… Where Max was doing it up behind the DJ booth..

1)Gold Bar 2) Friend, Rembrandt

1) Max-Public School, Laura

Keys to the Park.. Gramercy Park

To wrap up New York Fashion Week Think PR, Style 360, Metropolitan home and Showtime took over a 5 story 20 Million dollar house in Gramercy Park and threw a party…

1)Claudine Gumbel, Reshma Patel- Think PR 2)A closet..

1) One of the bedrooms.. 2) Chair

1) One of the bathrooms 2) Butterflies flying from head board to the wall

1) Mirror 2) Another Bathroom

1) Paper Clip Chandiler..

The Fish

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What’s nyc without stopping by the Fish… (The Fish sure has changed over the years.. we’ll so has the lower east side in general.. and that’s I am going to say about that….)

1) Center of the picture.. Stas.2) Rhandy Loc, Sean

Red Bamboo

Josh and Lisa took us to Red Bamboo a vegetarian soul cafe..  Yo..! Gotta hit this place up..  It’s crazy good.. All vegetarian menu but they have fried pork chops.., ox tail soup, fried shrimp, bbq chicken.. Off the hook!! All Veggie…


1) Off the hook Vegetarian Spot.. 2) Josh, Jennie, Stas, Ant, Lisa, Paul

Details Magazine

Talked with Josh Madden and he was just getting off of work so we met up and headed up to the Condé Nast building to vist Eugene from Details..

Condé Nast don’t play.. that place is high security Yo…

While talking with Eugene inside Details I saw the hallways lined side by side, racks upon racks of clothes sent from everyone under the sun.. LV, Gucci, YSL, Prada, I mean everyone.. Geeze.. It’s kinda funny..

Since the hallways were kinda crowed Eugene took us to the “closet” where we kicked it and talked for a little while.. Good shit Eugene thanks for you time.. Big up yourself..

Complex Magazine

Went up to Complex Magazine HQ and paid a visit to Karlyn, Anoma, Kelly and crew.. Everyone seams to be up to some cool things.. Karlyn was editing a new segment featuring Krink.. And Anoma was working with complex photographer Matt Doyle on some really cool shots for the next issue.. Anoma was nice enough to spend a little time with me.. Anoma is a pretty deep person. Very smart.. It’s always nice catching up with her and talking shop.. Big up yourselfs!

1)Ecko’s own redcarpet.. 2)Karlyn editing the new Krink segment..

1)Prince Peter, Friend, Matt 2) OG old school Kaws..

Oak NYC Party

Rolled up to the Oak party..

1)Billy, Jennie, Ant 2) Mike, Friend

1) Steve, Morgan 2) Teresa, Anh

1) Paul, Ant 2) Colin, Joanne

After Party

After the show theres an after party and….

Cassette Spring ’09 Runway Collection


Inspired by winters first thaw and the seasons symbolic new beginnings, the Spring 09 collections embody Cassettes own voyage and growth as a fashion force. After entering the scene with its formidable denim collection, the line has incorporated the fluidity of silk in its tops and dresses. Wovens feature distinctive braiding as straps or on shoulders. Shell buttons, asymmetrical sleeves and Cassettes signature darting also add subtle yet effective touches to linen shirts and tops. Outerwear, from capes to military-style jackets, maintains the lines commitment to uniting functionality with a fashionable aesthetic. While the collections are mostly black and white, T-shirts are emblazoned with new prints, including animal, military seals and a Navajo-inspired pattern using stop, play and pause symbols. Cassettes renowned denim pieces will also incorporate color, particularly cyan, magenta and yellow.

Photo by Thomas Concordia/

***********All Looks not represented..



Behind the scenes look into the maddness…

Behind the scenes photos brought to you by Robert Hamada, Lisa Graham, Jennie and runway resources.


More behind the scenes photos from Mr.Kim, Bronques, MarktheCobraSnake,

The Sun is Shining…

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With yesterdays storm we heard there where lots of delayed flights and rumors of JFK closing.. We all wondered how long the storm was going to last..

This is what I saw when I woke up.. Not a cloud in the sky.. Giving Thanks, and Praise….

Day V

The day of torrential down poor…

Claudine was sooo kind to let us to use her Stylist Closet/ Specialty Boutique Caravan (91st and Park)..

For the next 40hrs we used Caravan as HQ to work out the run of show..

1)Ant having fun…2)Ant, Josh, Jae

While we were indoors working out the cadence of the models and outfits, Josh took Ant and Paul on a scout that they will remember for a long time.. I could only imagine what it looked like out in the streets.. While at Caravan I happened to open the door and it was coming down like uncle Noah just had built his Arc.

After we did what we could for that day we packed it up sorta early (9:30pm).. and headed down to Dressler’s in Brooklyn for a nice dinner before the day of the show..

Day IV

Makeup and madness..

Josh bustin triple shifts.. He’s been workin at Epic putting his finishing touches on a record.. Then coming down to help us… Then going out and grabbing shoes and accessories for the models..

Sarah Munoz makeup stylist for cassette came up from Maryland to work with the make up crew to create and put the final touches for our look..

New York is crazy right now.. It seams every young girl and guy is running around town with a little black book(filled with modeling work) running in and out of castings.. Upwards of 18 castings a day..

We used one of the lovely Think PR girls Eliza(1,2) as a makeup model..


Rolled over to Nylon Magazine to meet up with Samantha.. and talked with our buddy Faran..

1)Faran, Samantha.


After chilling at Nylon for a while had to go back to Think PR for more castings..

Night III

Valentino :: Rolled up to an Exhibit Honoring the man himself Valentino Garavani..

1)Josh, Siki 2) The Legendary Mary J. Blige!


Josh and I then rolled up to the Waverly Inn to grab some grub. We were lucky enough to sit at the booth where Sting usually sits.. SuChin, and Laura was near by so we all chilled and closed up shop at the Waverly.. Yummm…

1)SuChin, Laura 2)Josh, SuChin, Laura, Stas

After we rolled to The Beatrice Inn..

Day II

Went uptown to meet with our head hair stylist. Sarah posing as model..

After our hair appointment we went down to Soho to style our outfits.. (Sarah modeling and Tara in the last photo.)

Night II

After castings and putting together outfits.. we were beat… We headed over to get some noodles down in LES then rolled over to Rob’s back yard and sat outside to make some game plans for the next few days..

Day 1

Headed over to Think PR for castings all day..