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  . House of Cassette S/S 2008 — A Study of Movement in Quiet Space. For Spring/Summer 2008, House of Cassette continues from its past Fall/Winter 07 narrative of seclusion in winter’s bosom, to the open embrace of a winter thawed. When can Movement prove to be both Fierce and Beautiful? It is within these […]

Spring ’08

Our dude Rickey hit us off with this clipping. He’s in Harper’s Bazaar Korea… Good Look Rickey. 1) Pictured Right. Rickey is rock’n our cassette tie dye sweater for the photoshoot.


Y’all hear about all the tow trucks lining up after the Laker game last night? Shit, there was a mad blowout Staples Center last night.. Haller. . I rolled up to the Laker game with one of the nicest ladies around Mrs June; a power house in the denim industry. We met up with Heather […]

Tow Truck

A lot of people have a love/hate relationship for Las Vegas. At times I really like it, but the whole Magic/Project show experience can be a drag. Or is it that no one likes to work while in Vegas, maybe that’s it.. Nightlife during Magic is always crazy…. So, many places to go.. and so […]


Went to Mark Ronson pre-grammy party at the Roosevelt. Saw a bunch of homies, my man Cory straight kick’n it/ work’n with Santogold.


The Murakami show is literally around the corner from our studio.. I have been meaning to go since it opened.. When we heard that they were having a closing show, had to roll up to check it out..

Takashi Murakami

Studied Streetwear By Erin Barajas L.A. designer Peter James Lee blends high design with street credibility to create Cassette, streetwear for the connoisseur. In a studio on a gritty Los Angeles side street Peter James Lee plays an unassuming fashion underdog. But, with his young designer streetwear brand, Cassette, hanging alongside Yoji Yamamoto and Yves […]

Studied Streetwear

While I was on the plane back to L.A. I saw a photo Alicia Keys rock’n red cassette’s up in the inflight mag (I was bugg’n). “Like you’ll never see me again.” WHAT!/? Come on; Alicia Keys straight kills me with all her joints. You can guess “No More” is Every High School’s love anthem. […]

Keys Please

My Dude; John is for sure a brotha from anotha mutha.. John is staring in a Blackberry vid (click the pic of him). John and Jiae run Theme magazine. They are one of the keenest and sharpest couples around.. . They are always bringing the illest content from the coolest people making shit happen.. It’s […]


Our dude Rickey recently came back from Korea. We caught up for a bit yesterday and he’s been telling me about his push for this year. He’s ready and focused…. Rickey’s on a mission. He’s been telling me about this boyhood from Korea. Some people have called him the Asian Sartorialis. Rickey was out hanging […]

Asian Sartorialist

A few months ago we got a call from the Miss America producers asking us to take part in their last episode, which was going to be the red carpet episode. They wanted to revamp the Miss America image and make it a little more relevant to today’s television market. They asked us if we […]

Miss America

Cassette’s in Bow Wow & Omarion’s ‘Hey Baby’ vid. 1) White Highwaist Cassette shorts. 2) Omarion is rock’n our Cassette Red denim.  

Hey Baby

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls rock’n our jeans. Looks like all the photos were taken in our hood. 1) Yellow Cassette’s 2) Cassette High Waist Cement Wash . 1,2) Turquoise Cassette’s

Harajuku Girls

1) Building on the left used to be an old wheat mill. The mill once used the water flowing through the canal to power grinder. Built in 1776 (Old as the U.S.). Travel a little further east past Bromley by Bow and construction is underway for Olympic games. 1) Historic building. Paul’s neighbor they share […]


My last night in town; had a late meeting with a really nice director cat Giles and his assistant Kate over at the Shoreditch house. We met just a few hours before he leaves to South America for a month to shoot a new commercial. The Shoreditch house is a members only multi floor estate, […]

The Shoreditch House

Cassette Sweater and Cassette Denim


1) Walked down the famed Savile Row, and walked by some of the old famed tailor studios. Sadly it wasn’t all that I had thought it was gonna be. One major reason for the let down was right at the start of Savile row was the biggest Abercrombie I had ever seen. They turned a […]


My first night stay was on Old Street in the Eastend.. What seams like L.E.S. of nyc.. Eastend is a little more diverse. You can find the NewRave kids, Rudeboys and Coolguys, all hanging around the way from each other.. A side note you know your in a good place if they have Kabab/Fish ‘n […]


This weekend in London was gorgeous. Was out all day and night. Check out amazing sunset on the river Thames. 1) Millennium Bridge 2) St. Paul’s Church

London Sunset

Enjoyed a stroll around the Sunday market and around Bricklane, in London’s Eastend. Bricklane on Sunday is wild, you’ll find loads of vintage shops and people hawk’n anything and everything they can.. Apparently this stems from an old ‘by law’ that states you can sell stolen goods between certain hours on Sunday. Ever since.. people […]


Arrived in London this morning. And shortly after I checked into the hotel long time buddy Paul Taylor came to pick me up to show me around. Haven’t been back here in a while. We walked around the East end. Headed over to Tower bridge and then walked over to the Tate Modern. Tower Bridge […]

EL-Oh, EL-Oh.

Just accross the street from the Sartorialist show was the 4 Friends show– Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Donald Baechler, and Kenny Scharf.

The 4 Friends Show

The Sartorialist had his opening for his photos this week.

The Sartorialist

Keep it real..Whats nyc with out the Fish.

The Fish

(capsule) is a new fashion event designed to bring the world’s most directional independent menswear designers, super premium street wear and lifestyle brands together under one roof for the very first time. Presenting a highly-edited capsule of collections from around the world, (capsule) reflects the look of the new consumer and presents a fresh approach […]

Capsule Show

This weekend was cool, aside from last min Capsule show preparations… BlondeRedHead played to a sold out crowd at Terminal 5 in nyc, a great way to wrap up their world tour.. Simone from BlondeRedHead arranged a vip table for us. After the show they had an after party at Bacaro near China town… It […]


Just got back to LA and spent two nights at home. And now in nyc for the Capsule Exhibition. Landing in NY.

New York

Homie in Japan hit spotted cassette in Cover Mag’s February issue.

Cover Mag. Feb

Had a long layover in Narita airport, and like most people I dread long layovers.. Chilling at the airport made me really miss Japan. I haven’t been to Japan in a couple of years, and it crossed my mind to head down to Toyko for a quick lunch before my flight, but then told myself […]


Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley.

Happy Valley

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