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Fashion photographer Terry Richardson’s exhibition “From Rio to Hong Kong.” The show had a whole bunch of inflated tits, ass, and dudes holding their ding dongs. Here’s a couple… Life size Toy of Terry Richardson by Michal Lau

Terry Richardson : Michael Lau

1)Head shakin, DJ booth climbing Kid Millionaire, 2) Dj Darrel, resident DJ of the two most exclusive members only clubs in town.

HK Nightlife

Terence, a dear old friend of mine invited me over to have a drink and to check out his new flat while I was Hong Kong. He’s living in the penthouse on the 50th floor of a newly developed estate. Homie has his own private deck above his flat, perfect for year around bbq’s. Check […]

City Top

Andy and Kathleen invited me to dinner. I had thought we were going to just meet up at their flat and then go somewhere near by…I had no idea that Kathleen was going to prepare a wonderful home cooked meal. Very nice of you guys. It is so nice to have a home cooked meal […]

Home Cook’n in Hong Kong

The weather this time of year in Hong Kong is really great. You can actually wear a jacket. Pretty much as soon as I got into town I headed to a ‘Variety’ charity event (not trying to sound all posh) to meet up with a couple of buddies, Kathleen and Andy. The charity event was […]

Hong Kong Island

L.A.’s emerging punk scene from 1978 now showing at Bergamot Station at Track 16. Photographs by Ann Summa. —— Quoted from the poster. —— Los Angeles: Photographs by Ann Summa Ann Summa was returning from five years in Sierra Leone, Africa, and Tokyo, Japan when she landed in the mist of L.A.’s newly-born punk scene […]

Punks Jump Up

It’s been a along time since we had a free weekend at cassette. The weather lately has been perfect outside. When the idea of private secluded beach mixed with the idea of putting my hands n’ feet in the sand came to mind.. We were out…


New York is a city full of inspiration. A good friend took us to an abandoned ship in the city. Check out a couple pictures.

abandoned ship nyc

1) Justin Miller (DFA Records), Joanne Cruz de la Cruz 2) Jordan Silver and Josh Madden. (Two brothas from anotha motha) Bike riding to the next spot in nyc.

Random shots of NYC

Random shots of H.K.

Omar was telling me that Dennis and Rob from Crooks’n Castles was also going to be in Hong Kong. I have known Dennis and Rob since my high school days. So, it was really cool seeing them out in Hong Kong. They were staying at the Peninsula Hotel, umm yes the Peninsula Hotel in Hong […]


Andy one of six guys that make up a crew called the Six Keys in Hong Kong. He invited me over to the Six Keys miniramp/gallery. This is a perfect 4 footer. One of the guys Jimmy, architect by trade CAD’d up this piece of perfection. Check out the construction at the coping. Played the […]

Six Keys Mini Ramp/Gallery

1) I heard some old buddies are in town from the States, sooo had to hook up for a toast….. To seeing familiar faces in different places… 2) Bounced to another spot and continued the festivities. 1) Bam and Lani of Hellz Bellz, Li-Ting, Aaron, Omar of R&D, and Jino the man behind the scenes. […]

Hong Kong 4/07

We had to get up somewhat early and make our journey homeward back to Los Angeles. Ana Maria had to make it home in the afternoon for a few appointments. We heard that the fwy was closed down to one lane up ahead… So we took the long way home through the desert and up […]

The Long Way Home.

Jackie (pictured left) let us stay with her at her mentors mutli million dollar condo in Park City. Thank you Jackie. Rise and shine. Premier for Chapter 27.


It’s late, as I check in to my hotel. The receptionist states Mr. Lee welcome back, we have a package for you. I was like, really? OK thanks. It was an invitation from Angel (nike HK) to the HK AF1 party. Thanks Angel! (Mr. Rickey Kim introduced us.) After unpacking the goodies. I open the […]

Back to Hong Kong

The Last Frontier. Summer time in Alaska, is always a grounding experience. Our family goes every summer. This summer was no exception. Besides the normal fishing and catching up with family friends that live up there all year around. I got a chance to picked up a drill and help with Mr. Kling’s house that […]

Summer time in Alaska 2006

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