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Good Morning or Good Night


Posted up at the Lydmar Hotel during our stay in Stockholm.. Art hung everywhere as well as art books laying about everywhere… I really appreciated the open layout and the use of non private spaces in the dinning area. The bar was treated somewhat like a library.  Perfect if you ever need a night cap.. […]

Lydmar Hotel

Like a moth to flame burned by the fire.

Like a Moth to Flame..

One hour outside Oslo Norway.



Up In The Club..

Waterfront in Stockholm-Sweden..


Alice “in wonderland”.


Buddy Jeremiah Griffiths gets into town as I am doing my last minute rounds… We caught up at our other buddy Morgan’s Surf shop Saturdays and had caught up for a bit over a cup of coffee. Really nice catching up.. Excited for you my man.. If your in the SoHo area, and want to […]


Red Umbrella NYC (Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Red Umbrella NYC

Winter 2010 NYC. (Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Winter 2010 NYC

Two Twins in Central Park. Winter 2010 NYC. (Color, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Two Twins in Central Park

Stone Cold. NYC (Hand held, No Photoshop) (Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Stone Cold

Our Buddy – . Siki Im Fall / Winter 2010 “The Confidence of bankers and venture capitalists has been shattered, at least for a while, and it will take time for them to recover from the financial turmoil of the past couple of years. Steven J. Davis, Wall Street Journal, Jan 4, 2010 Well, we […]

Siki Im AW/10

The Show before the show.

The Show before the show

Catch up dinner with Tamara and Joanne. (On our way for a catch up drink.)

Tamara and Joanne

Sky and I rolled up to Chole to meet up with Laura and Anna… We grabbed a few drinks and drove around in the G-Wagon and before calling it a night we were on the hunt for the perfect slice… Sky turned me on to one of the best late night slice spots I have […]

Artichoke Pizza

Familar Faces

Went back to Josh’s crib… And he pulls out these lovely pair of Vans.. Apparently these pair of Suicidal Tendencies are not even out yet..DAMMMM

Suicidal Tendencies

Sometimes there’s a Art in catchin cabs in nyc especially during switch over time.. Headed back downtown.. Pictured: Josh Madden and the guys from Kill Hanna..

Catchin Cabs

“Yeohee’s designs have attracted the attention of many museum and gallery curators. Her work has been featured in solo shows at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions that include the Hayden Gallery at the Massachusetts […]


Maxwell at Red Egg..


New Year Dim Sum at Red Egg with Sky and the Epiphany Crew.

Trane and Lisa

1) Capitale 2) Josh Madden 1) Bronques 2) Claudine, Brian 1) Ace 2) OC @ Ace 1) Diana, SuChin  2) Busy P 1) Willy Dee 1) Oscar, Malucamala  2) Sabel, Oscar

Caravan – OC@ACE

The plane has just landed and is pulling up to the terminal. I turn on my phone. Start: BBM: Yo call me when you land.. Ring ring: Me: Just landed. Pickin up my bags. Sky: YO, I’m here.. Pickin you up.. come outside to the left.. Me: Ok, I’ll be right out.. End: Me: Smile […]

Welcome Back to NY

Break Service (Hand held, slight crop, no photoshop adjustments)

Brake Service

You never know what your going to find in the industrial areas of Orange County.. I went with a couple of buddies to visit a warehouse filled with sk8 boards. We walked to the back of the warehouse and the little kid inside me had a big smile. Then my smile grew even bigger when […]


Christo and Jeanne-Claude. R.I.P. Jeanne-Claude (Nov. 2009). The Gates : Central Park : Winter 2005 : 35mm

The Gates – NYC

SoHo Snow: NYC circa 2005 35mm

SoHo Snow

Fame Game: Artist Unknown NYC circa 2006

Fame Game

Painted Sky II. (Hand held, no photoshop) The weather was Sunny, Crisp, with Scattered Cotton Clouds.

Painted Sky II

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