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R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen.    16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010


The plane has just landed and is pulling up to the terminal. I turn on my phone. Start: BBM: Yo call me when you land.. Ring ring: Me: Just landed. Pickin up my bags. Sky: YO, I’m here.. Pickin you up.. come outside to the left.. Me: Ok, I’ll be right out.. End: Me: Smile […]

Welcome Back to NY

DVD’s burned, tech packs are printed, files are backed up on server.. Off to N.Y.F.W.


Workin late at night..


What a pick up line…”Waka Waka..” “Who Me”

Waka Waka

Break Service (Hand held, slight crop, no photoshop adjustments)

Brake Service

You never know what your going to find in the industrial areas of Orange County.. I went with a couple of buddies to visit a warehouse filled with sk8 boards. We walked to the back of the warehouse and the little kid inside me had a big smile. Then my smile grew even bigger when […]


Christo and Jeanne-Claude. R.I.P. Jeanne-Claude (Nov. 2009). The Gates : Central Park : Winter 2005 : 35mm

The Gates – NYC

SoHo Snow: NYC circa 2005 35mm

SoHo Snow

Fame Game: Artist Unknown NYC circa 2006

Fame Game

Sometimes it takes a cheap plastic 35mm 4 lens camera to produce some unexpected pleasures.

4 Lens

Keno Flo

Painted Sky II. (Hand held, no photoshop) The weather was Sunny, Crisp, with Scattered Cotton Clouds.

Painted Sky II

Painted Sky. (Hand held, no photoshop) The weather was Sunny, Crisp, with Scattered Cotton Clouds.

Painted Sky

Deadline Time.

Deadline Time

New Sticker for the Jukebox.


Racked and Ready = Locked and Loaded.

Racked and Ready

The other day Hawaii Mike of LTD Magazine was in town. I met up with Hawaii at Fred Segal Santa Monica. After a brief critique of the store we went to meet up with Sung over at the Clae Studio before we all went to try some of the best Pho in town. Mike and […]

Clae / LTD

deb.o.nair |ˌdebəˈne(ə)r| adjective (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming. To be called Debonair is one thing, thinking of your self as debonair is quite another.. I’ve been called debonair in past and probably laughed every time someone has called me debonair. I really don’t consider myself as debonair person. I think it’s one of […]

Debonair Magazine

Good Morning Sunshine Part 3. The battle. (Hand held, no photoshop)


Red, White, and Blue. Before sunrise. (No Photoshop, hand held)


Just before sunrise. (No Photoshop, hand held) Good Morning Sunshine.

Good Morning Sunshine

As a designer and a person who someday wants to make a film, I was really drawn to see Tom Ford’s movie A Single Man.. If your into fashion or into fashion by Tom Ford, it’s worth a watch. Tom has an amazing sense of style for all things tangible. The tangible(clothes,set design etc.) aspects […]

A Single Man by Tom Ford

Rolled up with our buddy Joel Madden to Disneyland on practically the last day of the year.. I couldn’t think of a better way to end out the year, going to a place dubbed happiest place on earth.. We had a Disney cast member escort us through the park to every ride and show. It […]

December 30th 2009

An ol buddy Paul who’s one of the managers to help open Gold Class Cinemas in LA invited me to check out their spot in old town Pasadena. I sometimes bashfully but most of the times I bold-fully consider myself a movie buff/movie critic. I grew up watching/experiencing movies at places like the Mann Chinese, […]

Gold Class

Ahhh dam.. Pabst Blue Ribbon X Diamond Supply Co., Tee shirt..



Sade: Soldier Of Love

After the LA Auto Show and a quick lunch I headed over to Fairfax to meet up with Neran (Diamond). And look who was cold chill’n in the alley.. None other the Mr. Cartoon and squad straight pimpin the gangster lean in the new Green Thumb Hard top Impala.. Berto(Supreme) and Mr. Cartoon was chop’n […]

LA Auto Show Pt. 2

Scaffolding on the Porsche GT3 Cup Porsche GT3 Cup Porsche GT3RS Lexus LF-A! SLS AMG 6.3 Vision BMW concept car.

LA Auto Show

Collection: MOCA’s First Thirty Years: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Chris Burden Charles Ray Barbara Kruger Bill Viola Charles Ray Dave Muller Jean-Michel-Basquiat Jeff Koons Jeff Koons Larry Johnson (My old mentor) Mathew Barney Mathew Barney Richard Hawkins (My old mentor) Richard Prince

MOCA’s First Thirty Years

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