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Santogold is killing right now.. and she happens to be wearing our turquoise jeans….  


1)Near enough a production race bike. For sale to the public for a mear $72,500 MSRP. 2) Commercial version.. The 1098 R is the ultimate Superbike. The most advanced, most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle ever built… Still is like whoa.. $39,995 MSRP Pics from Ducati

Like Whoa

Got word that we were in the new WWD Denim In-Depth story.  Cassette got some shine on our rose color high waist jeans. Big up to Leila Baboi, gwan with your bad self..  1) Front page. 2)Cassette got a whole pager…

WWD Denim In-depth

Justin Miller our buddy ol pal from DFA has saved us from the 80’s dance music thats been play’n in our studios lately.. (smile) HOT CHIP- Made in the Dark MIA- Paper Planes (Homeland Security Remixes) Shocking Pinks /Emily lcdsoundsystem – someone great Hercules and Love Affair Force of Nature – The Force Behind the […]

DFA Records

Maxim Magazine Hot 100 party in Paramount Studios.. The event was inside Paramount Studios. The theme was to bring a big apple feel to LA…. On tap was Hennessey Mojito’s, Chopin Vodka, Moet, Budwiser and all the yummy h’ordeurves you can eat.. 1) Megan Good and Billy. 2)Vince, Marisa Miller, Billy, and Milhouse 1)AnaMaria and […]

Maxim Magazine Hot 100

LA CONFIDENTIAL: YONE SOLO PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT House of Cassette, Mighty Printing, and Evil Monito was pleased to host a solo show for Yonehara Yasumasa at the 523 Cassette experimental space. Yone is a revered photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been featured in countless magazines over the last 15 years…Dazed, Eyescream, Ollie, Cool Trans, […]


Across the street legendary graffiti artist HAZE had his opening the same night as our Yone event. It was a family affair. Peace HAZE!! Big up yourself.


Nothing beats Spring and Fall in NYC.. After our Road trip down to Philla, Annapolis and DC. I had a day left to catch up on all the things nyc.. Had lunch (hand made soba) with John Lee from Theme.. 1)After lunch strolled over to meet cool cat Sage.. 2)Met up with Jared and girls […]

Spring Time NYC

Cai Guo-Qiang is internationally acclaimed ill ass dude. Solo show at the Guggenheim nyc.

I Want to Believe..

LA CONFIDENTIAL: YONE SOLO PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT House of Cassette is pleased to host a solo show for Yonehara Yasamasa at the 523 Cassette experimental space. Yonehara is a revered photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been featured in a variety of magazines: Dazed, Eyescream, Ollie, Cool Trans. His signature photography, often times portraying young […]


Road trip down south with me brotha man Josh Madden… We hit up Philly, Annapolis, DC.. Love Park Will Smith “summer time song” O.G. Philly Steak Sam-itches, cheese whiz yall.


We went to an amazing Semi Finals Western Conference Game 2. Lakers vs Utah 2-0. Kobe Bryant of the Lakers gets 2008 MVP. What a game..Lets Go Lakers!

Kobe MVP // Lakers 2-0 Utah

Benji Madden have’n a stroll with his girl Paris Hilton.. 1) Cassette Tee :: Photo Credit: Some Paparazzi..

Pimp Playa….

Hottest homegirl in Philly, Amanda Blank.. Killin it at Coachella.. 1,2) Red Cassette high waist shorts. :: Photos were sent to us by our dude Ant..  

Amanda Blank

Michael Jackson vs. Prince.. Soul Slam 3 @ the echoplex. You know when you’re on the dance floor and the DJ puts on your favorite Michael Jackson or Prince song and your like ahh dam, and the crowd gets all craze… Imagine hit after hit…. all night long.. Michael Jackson and Prince back to back. […]

Michael Jackson VS Prince

Keep’n it (Echo Park) Local… with Dengue Fever. We’ve been mixing it up in the studio.. Lately we’ve been putting on Dengue Fever when our music selection has been getting repetitive. I have no idea what she’s singing cuz she’s singing in Cambodian… but it sure sounds nice, peep the youtube.. Thanks Rickey Loc, Sly, […]

Dengue Fever

Got an advanced DVD copy of Control.. If you know about this flick then you know about this, and you probably already saw it in the theaters. But if you missed it.. Keep your eyes peeled.. I believe it’s coming out of DVD soon. If you like Joy Division this movie is a must.. It’s […]


Yo, Theme has done it again, this month with Travel. In this issue you can find pics from the tip of Patagonia, Cambodia, Tibet, Antarctica, Vietnam, Norway, Cuba, Macu, Peru, India, France, shit all over the place.. Not only did they pretty much cover the globe but they also interviewed Dr. Leroy Chiao who has […]

Theme Magazine 14

Prince Respect: Prince is the man, he’s got swagger, style, looks, talent, and he’s got a catalog of music that lasts for days. Sheila E., Morris Day.. come on.. seeing them live is an experience. Prince knows how to tear up those guitars like very few people can(he used like six different guitars during the […]

Coachella – Prince

Portishead Respect: Dark, classic rock with a modern feel, enough said. Beth Gibbons turned on the vocals, going head to head with the skilled Adrian Utley on Guitar.

Coachella – Portishead

Kraftwerk Respect: I remember break’n and pop’n in the streets back in ’83 and as soon as Kraftwerk came on.. It was on.. Battle time.. Kraftwerk – One of the most influential groups of the synth age. Kraftwerk’s show was unreal.. During the show you can just hear the origins of HipHop/Rap, Dance/Club, House, Techno, […]

Coachella – Kraftwerk

Portishead playing at the Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles for an intimate rehearsal pre Coachella 2008. Thanks Benji.

Portishead Rehearsal Pre Coachella

Met up with our buddy Josh Madden a few times this week.. He’s been busy, DJ’n, styling, consulting, managing, all around hustling.. Caught up with him for a quick meal with some music industry folks. Sat across from Nick who turned me on to ‘The Fashion.” Nick also happens to manage The Fashion, thanks Nick […]

Josh Man, ChewChew-ChewChew.

Concert In Hong Kong..Bong!!! My last night in Hong Kong.. I get a phone call from my man Omar, say’n I got an extra pass for you.. It was about eight when I end up finishing my last meeting. I had to go straight to the event and lo and behold, the timing was perfect. […]

Concert In Hong Kong-Bong!!!

Guangdong most populous province in China in January 2005, registering 79 million permanent residents and 31 million migrants who lived in the province for at least six months.The provincial capital of Guangzhou and economic hub Shenzhen are among the most populous and important cities in China.Guangdong is the country’s richest province with the highest total […]


  ANA Lounge; a clean place to rest(on nice sofas), catch up on work (free wireless internet), catch a complementary meal/drink at the soba-undon bar or at the sake bar, and if you wish you can watch some telly and watch some bullocks in the news.

ANA Lounge Narita

Just got to Hong Kong to go over some of cassettes production orders for Fall 2008 and starting to work on some of cassettes Spring 2009 collection. . Hong Kong is straight up Blade Runner..

Hong Kong

Bright sunny morning before heading to Hong Kong.

Psy Yo, Tokyo

For my last night in Tokyo.. cool’d out at Yone’s studio (Creeps) after the members only Karaoke spot.. Yone’s studio is some what of a meeting place.. Really dope vibe, waves of cool peoples stopped by throughout the night.. We chilled out at Yone’s into the morning. Yo, for those who don’t know, Yone’s a […]

Yone II

Check this out…..When traveling to Tokyo.. It can be a little intimidating at first.. Just try reading the metro maps.. It’s looks like a bowl of spaghetti. Different train lines going every where.. It could be hard to navigate even if you knew how to read Japanese.. Shoot, don’t even bother looking up there if […]

The Man Be Hind The Walls

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