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Summers coming to an end and our mind has already been on this years snow season. Can’t wait. While at project, I met up with Erika an old friend that now works for The North Face (Supreme X NF jacket,- that was her). We got a chance to catch up and talk shop at our […]

The North Face

The Rose Bowl, flea Market was this weekend.. And our buddy Joanne was in town from nyc to “shop LA” and “walk” the Rose Bowl. It’s almost comical how many familiar faces you’ll see walk’n the rose bowl. – Joanne saw some old friends from nyc, that was in town to speak at the Getty.. […]


The skate, surf trade show mecca, ASR was this weekend. Jae and I drove down for a evening in down town San Diego. We heard our old buddy Styles was spinning with Just Blaze at the DC :: Ten Deep :: New Era party. Our girl WendyCity was also down for ASR. We rolled out […]

Street scene – ASR

We has some great interns this summer. One of which was Aimee Santos. She’s now back in school still has time to keep us up to date on who’s wearing our jeans.. Aimee spotted Fergie sport’n our purple high waist denim. We miss our little Aimee Santos…


Valet practically shutting down the street, champagne all around, and some of the best hors d’oeuvres ever…. Martin Margiela store opening in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills. 1) Inside, 2) James 1, 2) Projection outside. The beautiful ring piece.


While at the show I got to meet up with some of the nice guys over at Stone Island. While we were talking, Alex from DNR stopped by the stone island booth and wanted to take pictures of their bags and such.. I kindly got out of the way so they could handle their quick […]


Our buddy Josh K. was at the airport in route to Las Vegas for the Magic/Project show.. He said he was talking to a honey and she asked what he did.. He said I rep cassette… And she said, ohh, wait, you might want to look at this.. and handed him the new OK weekly. […]


Got a texted whilest at dinner.. saying “it’s going off.. come over…” Spank Rock, Pase Rock and Santogold rock’d the house at the Bellagio… 1)Brandon, Shannie 2) James, Dawn

Whut whut…

David y’ Marcella of Kangol played dinner host Tuesday night, Rickey, Sky, Anne-55dsl, Bradly-Complex, Jared/Chris/Jia-Nylon Magazine and myself. While the cassette crew was back at the suite jumping it off with Wendy City on the tables.. We all meet up later over at the Bellagio to watch Spank Rock, Pase Rock and Santogold perform. This […]

David y’ Marcella

Stashes and stashes..

This season the gathering for Bespoke III came in three parts (Bespoke II Last season). Part 1, A private dinner with an open bar. Part 2, after diner private party again with an open bar. And part 3, a relaxing day spa treatment. There was a lot special invited guests at dinner, here are some […]

Bespoke III- Dinner

  Talked with the nice people over at Check out our little Q&A session.

Groove effect

There is something about journals that lends it self to honesty. A personal journal is often a place where one jots down new ideas/techniques, notes to self, sketches, words, or cut out pictures/collages.. In the new issue of Theme magazine John and Jiae reveal a private look into the journals of some of todays well […]

private journals

I am glad we are using some of the best people in the industry. Here’s a few behind the scene photos on how we assure our quality control. 1) Lab dips. 2) Color fastness. Super bright light that is suppose to duplicate the effects of sunlight in a short period of time. 1) Oven 2) […]

quality control

DJ AM spotted sport’n our TDF tee. Spotted by none other than cobrasnake.

in the mix

Our girl Caroline (model and hair doer upper extraordinaire) was in town and stopped to say hi. Caroline is one of those girls, guys dream about. She’s smart, down to earth, giving, knows how to laugh, and stunningly beautiful. More pics of Caroline in our fall campaign coming soon. Sneak Peek here. Congratulations!

C. Prince

Check out the illest cop car…

cop car

When two of your good buddies tell you that you should go watch a new film cuz they think you would like it.. You prob should go check it out.. Josh Madden and Joanne Cruz was telling me about This is England. Skin heads, Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Doc Martins, in the 80’s. Definitely worth […]

this is england

On our way back to our studio we stopped by to say hi to Wendycity. She was spinning at a pirate bar in downtown a few blocks away from our studio.

X-Marks the spot

New York is a city full of inspiration. A good friend took us to an abandoned ship in the city. Check out a couple pictures.

abandoned ship nyc

1) Justin Miller (DFA Records), Joanne Cruz de la Cruz 2) Jordan Silver and Josh Madden. (Two brothas from anotha motha) Bike riding to the next spot in nyc.

Random shots of NYC

Rickey and Sky (Flight Club/Cartel Goods/LTD) of Riottt hosted a social down at the koi lounge. 1) Rickey, Sky, Logan 2)Jakuan, Timmy, Sung 1) John, Chad, Jiae from Theme 2) Sung, Hawaii, Jakuan 1) Haze, Omar 2) A-Trak, Bijules

A slice of nyc

Our buddy Aimee Santos spotted Fergie in our Turq jeans in ‘life in style’ mag on her flight home to L.A. from south east asia. Raybans, lighting bolt vee neck tee and cassette jeans… Sounds like kids we know…. Styled by Renie P.

Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie

Everybodies knows about Apple’s new iphone. Everybody knows people have been bugg’n out waiting for the new iphone. I mean standing in line to get a phone… lets think about that for a minute, are you crazy….  but thats what people have done.. People have gone mad with the new iphone, partly thanks to our […]

iphone, your phone, wheres myphone

Rickey stopped by the studio the other day, it’s always nice when he stops by to say hi and fills us in as to what he’s been doing, and what projects he’s been working on.. During his last visit, he was kind enough to drop off a Cremaster 3 book by Mathew Barney. He said […]

Cremaster 3

1.) Ten Bells is an old pub est 1753.. a place where good o’l Jack the Ripper used to frequent. P.T. sent us these pics of cassette posted up in the east end-London.

London Calling

Cassette stickers spotted at pipe.

Pipeline Hawaii

A behind the scenes pic of John from Theme Magazine getting fitted and kitted in a hand tailored cassette suit.  

A fitting at cassette

Take a sneak peak at our A/W 2007 book. House of Cassette A/W 2007 — Life is about the Hidden Treasures. For this Fall/Winter 2007 collection, the design studio at Cassette looked toward Alaska for its inspiration. In the minds of many, Alaska denotes a land where solitude reigns and the land lays barren, the […]

cassette fall preview

Hello…. Pic sent to us: Jessica Alba cop’n a pair cassette red denim.

Jessica Alba

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