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Our girl Mariel put us on Rihanna. She’s rock’n the yellow cassette’s on MTV’s TRL. Thanks Mariel.


James introduced me to Brett at our trunk show at American Rag Cie. Brett is a really cool guy. Brett has a really good postive energy about him. Brett is the man behind unholy matrimony and has worked with Comme des Garcon.. nuff said. Pics from Brett Westfall’s opening for his “Sherf” paintings across the […]

Brett Westfall presents “Sherf”

Our buddy Rickey just got posted up in the Summer issue of Nylon Guys. They dedicated a whole page to him.. Congrats to Rickey… It’s a really good article. Rickey is rock’n cassette cardigan and cassette black denim.

Rickey in Nylon

Andy and Kathleen dropped by the studio while on Holiday from Hong Kong to say hi. Andy is one of the keys, from the Six Keys Gallery in Hong Kong. He also is the developer of the new Rubicks cube. Kathleen runs a couple of businessees in Hong Kong one of which is a clothing […]

Andy and Kat

Sung of Clae, Rickey of Evil Monito and John of Theme Magazine met up at the studio and kicked it for a while before we went out and grabbed dinner and some drinks. Conversations went into the morning… To say big things are happening for these guys.. wouldn’t be right because they have been doing […]

Sung, Rickey, John

One of our best buddies Joanne Cruz stopped by the studio the other day. I have known Joanne for what seams like forever and a day. We actually went to Design/Art college together. Not only is she a great designer with mad style… She is one of the nicest caring people I know. Joanne, Is […]


We really like blonde redhead! We were really happy to find out that Blonde Redhead was going to perform on national television. They gave a very cool performance on live television performing their title track 23 on Conan. From Left to right. Simone Pace, Kazu Makino, and Amedeo Pace. Wholy moley Simone rock’n cassette. Our […]

Blonde Redhead on late night Conan

Photos from pokernight.. special thanks for all those to stopped by to play and say hi..


We’ve been getting emails these past few months asking us when, when, when are the colors gonna be out…. Cassette Summer colors hitting the floors the next few days…  

Cassette Summer Colors

The cassette crew rolled down to the desert for an action packed weekend. Between the line up at coachella and the slew of pool parties that was going on during and after show… Coachella 2007 was nothing short of freck’n awesome. This years line up was simply amazing. Far too many to list.. Here are […]

Coachella 2007

Random shots of H.K.

Omar was telling me that Dennis and Rob from Crooks’n Castles was also going to be in Hong Kong. I have known Dennis and Rob since my high school days. So, it was really cool seeing them out in Hong Kong. They were staying at the Peninsula Hotel, umm yes the Peninsula Hotel in Hong […]


Andy one of six guys that make up a crew called the Six Keys in Hong Kong. He invited me over to the Six Keys miniramp/gallery. This is a perfect 4 footer. One of the guys Jimmy, architect by trade CAD’d up this piece of perfection. Check out the construction at the coping. Played the […]

Six Keys Mini Ramp/Gallery

Lane Crawford fashion/model party.

L.C. Hong Kong

Gisele — New Japanese fashion magazine. We love Nippon. Spotted by Jennifer. Thanks to James, Jennifer and the guys at Gisele.


1) I heard some old buddies are in town from the States, sooo had to hook up for a toast….. To seeing familiar faces in different places… 2) Bounced to another spot and continued the festivities. 1) Bam and Lani of Hellz Bellz, Li-Ting, Aaron, Omar of R&D, and Jino the man behind the scenes. […]

Hong Kong 4/07

Lots happened this Saturday…..Our trunk show to preview our Fall 2007 Collections, Han Cholo’s block party kicked off right after wrapped things up for our trunk show and then everybody headed around the corner over to Opening Cerimony’s L.A. launch party. Nice way to round out the weekend. 1) Riddem selecta Ben Cho playing the […]


A few weeks ago a lond time good friend of ours, Yuske told us about Yone’s show over at the Reed Space as well as Fafi’s show in N.Y. to with Le sport sac. (Yuske knows I am a huge fan of both Fafi’s and Yone’s work.) He also has been working with Parra of […]


Check out some of the ill photos our man Rob shot. Rob Hamada’s words: Joie de Vivre The idea behind this project was to create the most unique editorial possible. Many of the models come from a very historic lineage. Clark Gable, greatgrandson of Clark Gable, Dree Crisman, Earnest Hemmingways greatgranddaughter, Kian Mitchum, Robert Mitchums […]

Rob Hamada

A friend forwarded an article that mentioned us today. Thanks Mary H.K. Choi for acknowledging Cassette and where we draw part of our influence from.

SO Complex

Sal stopped by the studio for a little vist. I remember back in the early 80’s when skating was about creating your own style. Sal Barbier bringing back some style to skating. I’m coming by to pick up one of them boards.

sal barbier

It’s Wednesday night Rickey Kim and Rob Hamada stop by the studio to kick it before we headed out to Jeffery Sebelia’s first runway show since his tv show. I don’t normally like to attend runway shows but this one was right around the corner from our studio so it made it a little easier […]

Wednesday Night

Kids acting up after cinespace…. Gotta love it.


Cinespace 3rd Anniversary The Horrors like to have fun.


Cinespace 3rd Anniversary We like Vietnam.


Our buddy Josh Madden sent over this pic to us. Check out both of his brothers post’n up on the cover of The Washington Post! They dedicated 12 pages to them about the life and times of Good Charlotte. Joel (left) is rock’n Cassette’s – Caddy 1909. (check out the front dart)

The Washington Post

These guys are funny.

Chromeo // Lax

The last time Josh Madden was over with his brother Joel we rattled on about different artists and movies that inspired us. During our conversations he said he was going to send over a few things he wanted me to check out… Josh Madden is a cool ass botha. He sent over 6 dvd’s and […]

Simple Pleasures

Our buddy, stylist, DJ, and true inspiration Josh Madden(right) was in town from nyc. He stopped by our studio with his brother Joel Madden(left) to say hi. It’s really rare when after you meet with someone you change the way you see things. This is what happened to me when I met Josh. He has […]

The Madden Bro’s

James Hammonds (Left) and his friend Kamran stopped by the studio. James and Kamran are both very sharp! These two are keen to pick up on the smallest details. All the long hours seam all worth it when we hear our details are noticed. We had a good conversation about fashion. Where it’s been and […]

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