View from London Hotel

  • Posted on: August 3rd, 2009
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View from up top the London Hotel in Los Angeles.

Mr. Cole

A buddy of ours Mr. Cole is a talented musician.. He’s always playing around town and in a number of bands.. He’s currently touring somewhere in Europe right now with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s..

1) Rock’n the Black Cassette Jeans.. (Photo: Bryony Shearmur)

Undftd Pepsi Dunk Contest

Basketball, rooftops, open bars, people walking around serving food, Summer must be in full effect..
Undftd Pepsi Slam Dunk Contest on top London Hotel..

Put together by Mr. Curtis and friends..

Mos Def Performed some joints off his new album…

1) The Get Fresh Crew 2) Jazz and Jenilee

1) Mr. Curtis  2) Sneaker Steve, Sal

1) Comwelth Crew 2) Rickey Loc


The Wedge in Newport/Balboa was reported to be showing off some 25footers on Friday.. I went on Saturday and saw some waves on the sets break’n at 15feet.. (I knew I should have brought my board..) There were only about a hand full of people in the water and hundreds on shore watching the Wedge showing off.

1) The Wedge at 15 feet..

1) People taking in the sites of the Wedge doing it’s thing… 2) Down a couple of lifegaurds stations.. We cooled out where there were less people and we enjoyed the rest of the evening watching the shore break..

Robert Evans by Oliver Peoples

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Oliver Peoples did it again.. When I thought they had already made the perfect of Loc’s last year(Matte Black-Robert Evans).. They did it again, this one is just a tad bigger for a touch more gangster-ness.. Looking for the illest pair of Loc’s?  Look no further, these bad boy’s are hand made in Japan, in ill quality plastic with a bi-level plastic cut bridge, and comes with polarized lenses…

Suggested Retail $450.oo

And a Big up yourself/thank you very much to Jasmine and the nice folks at Oliver Peoples..

South Swell

There was a buzz around town about some surf headed to local Orange County Beaches.. Called up a old surf buddy and got the lo-down.. The swell was to come in on Friday and build throughout the day lasting until Sunday.. So, we dawn patrolled it Friday morning.. Newport’s 40th at 6:30am was already a zoo.. so we met up at good ol Anderson St. (Sunset Beach).. The minus tide in the early a.m. kept the waves a little manageable, but when the tide got a little fuller, it was time for me to head back to LA..

1,2) With the A.M. minus tide the waves were 2-feet over head..

Mixer at Nobu

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K-Mac Attack, sorted out a Mixer at Nobu, Beverly Hills..

Our buddy and photographer Robert Hamada (man behind the pictures of the cassette campaigns) and model Margartia(in the new cassette campaign shot in Paris) made time to stop by Nobu for the dinner mixer.. Good to catch up with them seems like I haven’t seen them in forever..

K-Mac bringing it together.. Nice small group of people from different worlds.. Producers, DJ’s, Photographer, Models, Designer, and a Laywer…

Later we headed to the Rooselvelt for a quick drink in the open air.. Summa–time

1) Rachel, Margartia, Robert, Ant 2)Poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood.

Oliver Peoples Design Studio Visit

  • Posted on: July 23rd, 2009
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The other day I had lunch with Neran, Patricia from Isaora, Josh Madden and Lisa from Michael Kors… After lunch I wanted to introduce Josh to a couple of nice folks at Oliver Peoples :: Mosley Tribes, so we strolled over to their office on Sunset and had a chat….. Here’s Josh and Pat trying on some glasses…

1) Josh Madden 2) Pat from Mosley Tribes

Cassette Summer Surf Film

Last time I was in London I met up with buddies, Giles Wilson and Kate Hinton over at the Shoreditch House. We caught up a bit before Giles had to embark on a month long video shoot in South America. After his South America shoot he came over to LA and shot this cassette surf piece(on film no less)…

Thanks Giles and Kate.

Hope your enjoying the summer.

Celeritas Riders for Health

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Rolled up to Suru/Celeritas’s art show this weekend.. The show was a benefit for Riders for Health an organization that provides motorcycles to health care providers in Africa. Twist, Futura, Stash, Jeff McMillan, Audrey Kawasaki, Troy Lee Designs, Jim Lee, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Alex Pardee, and Jesse James were the exhibiting artists. All proceeds of silent auction went to Riders for Health.


Audrey Kawasaki


Jeff McMillan

Jim Lee


M8.2 White Edition

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Peep this bad boy.. Leica’s is play’n people out with it’s coveted M digital range finder. Flip’n color ways and coloabos, like the Hermes Edition, Safari Edition and now this summer jump off White Edition.. Apparently all being produced in very limited numbers… Like, many people an afford $6000.oo for a regular M8.2 let alone drop $9000.oo for the Safari Edition(which by the way is apparently the same camera but a $3000.oo premium for a different color and case) and who knows how much the white one is going to be…. Don’t get me wrong I would love to be gifted one of these gems but until then I’ll keep following the evolution of the M series range finders until they really make what I need.. Until then I’ll be going the Terry Richardson route and use something good enough and let my skills do the talkin..

Wall of Military Logos

Some inspiration in designing the new Linkin Park hats..

New Era Design Meeting

The other day Joe Hahn and I had another design meeting with the guys from NewEra to produce some special Linkin Parks hats…

This time around we met up at Joe Hahn’s house (Last time we rolled down to their design HQ in OC.).

Here’s some NewEra hats that were thrown on the table as reference…

Webster Hall NYC

Word from the street…
Josh Madden played at Webster Hall NYC the other night… He took a snap of what he saw on the wall…. BooYeah.

Linkin Park Westwood

Linkin Park performed at the Premiere of Transformers 2 in Westwood. This was a huge production, basically closing down a good portion of Westwood for the Movie premiere and the live performance of Linkin Park. Joe Hahn(Linkin Park) hooked up couple of passes to the event.. and it was all good in the hood.. The after party was held adjacent to the performance. Open bar all night and food(appetizers, main courses, and deserts) was catered by Wolfgang Puck. I over heard some people guessing that cost of the days event probably came close to a million dollars(I have no idea but I wouldn’t doubt it..).

1) Jane and Lady Killer Tyrese 2) Artist Guest Pass

LA Has Hot-Pot

Every time I go to Hong Kong I have to stop by this place called Little Sheep.  It’s the OG shabu-shabu (from China).. When you walk in to the restaurant it smells of spices and curry.. You can order the half and half broth base.  On one side  it’s like salty chicken soup,  and the other side is like spicy watered down hot curry.. It may sound nasty but, it’s amazing..  It’s one of those places you just have to go to in order to understand..  Some people say chicken soup is the cure for the common cold, we’ll chopped onions, celery, carrots, and garlic is straight up child’s play when you compare it to this concoction….. 100’s of years of taste-testing.  They just got one in LA.. (smile on my face)

The Box

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Check this Art piece out.. It’s called The Box..

The Box from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Thanks Jeremiah and Jo.

Gardening 101

Besides the classic cars and great weather, there is another reason to like Southern California..

Most everyone can have their own garden..

This is Mr. Kling’s garden… Mr. Kling is one bad ass dude. A man’s man, and a veteran of war..

Anyone that knows Mr. Kling knows he’s cut from a different cloth, part scientist, part engineer, part construction worker, an amazing cook, and full time bad ass angler n’ hunter…..

Everyone that I know who knows Mr. Kling says the same thing…. “Dude.. If WWIII ever breaks out and all hell breaks loose I’m heading to Mr. Kling’s house.”

Mr. Kling has known me for over 16 years now.. and I never stop learning from him..

He has practically grown everything that’s at your grocery store, and loves to share what he grows…

Here’s some of the things growing in his garden this season…

1)About 4 different types of Tomatoes 2) Corn

1) Squash 2) Jalapenos

1) Japanese Cucumbers 2) Every different color Bell Pepper you can imagine

1)Sage 2)Rosemary

1)Thyme 2)Green Onions

1)Boc-choy 2)Peaches

Mr. Kling gots it covered..

Ehem… my home made salsas game is about to be turned on….

BK’s Finest…

Brooklyn Bridge one of the most stunning bridges to walk…

Jose Parla

I’m really into Jose Parla’s (aka ease) work.. I think it strikes a cord in me cuz of the graff/street background.. Jose has successfully honed that flavor into the white-box art world.  His work is always an inspiration… I could only hope one day to own a small scribble of Jose Parla’s work..

Between the Earthly and The Divine

4×6′ Mixed media on wood

BoA’s New Video

On set of BoA’s new music video..  Baggy pants, diamonds glued to her face, and the side of her head in corn rows…..uuuuhuh.. Shorty can dance…

Classic Motors

We rolled to the Pasadena Classic Car Show this weekend..

Boy oh boy.. what a site…. Something about owning and taking care of a rare beauty, admiring her, having others admire her, washing her, polishing her, preferring her to others, and sometimes driving her like she wants to be driven…. must be in guys DNA….  I think it’s a guy thing… smile..

Most of all these cars were from local southern California owners.. and a very good reason why I like Los Angeles.. it’s def a car town…. since LA’s birth, it’s always been a car town.. and on occasion you can see some of these rare beauties..

Bronques in LA

Buddy Bronques is in town and we get to catch up late night at an empty pizza spot.. But before we get to the pizza spot, I roll up to pick him up and he’s in a car talking to some girls… as soon as I get there and say hi, he kindly ends the conversation and were off..

Last time we saw each other was in ny at the Cassette lounge in Bryant Park..  We end up sharing stories of whats been going on in our life’s.  And just catching up talking about all kinds of thins from the wonders of what the economy is going through right now, to camera talk, to branding, to the things we working on right now……

1)Bronques drop’n knowledge.. 2) After we call it a night.. as I am taking this photo on the way to my car… A car stops, window rolls down and a girl yells out “HEY Baby!!”…

1) Bronques doing his thing.. 2)Next thing you know….

Good ol Bronques.. never a dull moment…..


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Got a nice package from me hermano Tony Arcabascio, OG ny head and founding member of Alife (who’s on to bigger things these days).  Tony’s a true artist at heart. Tony doesnt like to half step, or come in second.. He’s from a school where being called wack or doing something wack is unacceptable.  Knowing that we have similar views a few things I wouldn’t expect anything less from Tony’s and WeSC’s recent collabo.. It’s a ill tee and denim package.. Simply called Tony, it’s super clean and branded Tony down to the tissue paper(nice touch). Super limited.. Might want to get it if  you can..

There are a few things I would rock of other people stuff…however this is something I can get down with.. Thanks Tony! Nuff Respect.

Funny thing, my mom stops by as I was taking photos.. She notices the cross, and says.. “oh that’s nice.. Bless his heart he put a cross on his clothes..”

Dope shit Tony even my moms likes it..

Leonards Malasadas

Don’t you love it when you get some Malasadas hand carried from Leonard’s Hawaii..

Leonard’s Bakery founded in 1952..

Malasadas a Portuguese and Hawaiian tradition…  Soooo good..

Happy Birthday Mariel

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After Bardot we headed over to our girl Mariel’s (Stylist Extraordinaire) B-Day Party at Roosevelt Penthouse rooftop..

Happy Birthday Girl..

1,2) Roosevelt Penthouse Rooftop

2) Jerry, Rickey

1) Mariel 2) Marlon, Mariel

Lykke at Bardot

Buddy Joanimal was gallivanting around Europe when she told me about Lykke’s semi-secret private performance at Bardot..

When we pulled up there was TMZ, paparazzi’s and a total scene..  None the less we were able to get on Lykke’s list and got in with noooo problemo…

1)Inside/Outside 2) Jennie, Teresa

Lykke killed it..

Lykke at Bardot from Peterock on Vimeo.

Check it the Vid.. Min 2:30 mark she busts on the megaphone..

Summer Tretorns

  • Posted on: May 29th, 2009
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Got some Tretorn’s from the guys at Puma…. These shoes are perfect if you lookin for some nice lightweight summer canvas shoes..

Thank you. Big props to Tony B. for being the one behind the brand and to have the vision and the know how to resurrect something that we all forgot about..

Factoid: Tretorn’s are one of the few sneakers they list in the Preppy Handbook.. Funny how things come around..


Lakers Win Game 5

Went to see the Lakers smoke some Nuggets in the 4th quarter to Win Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals..

Series Lakers 3 – Nuggets 2..


Another great book for all you collectors/denim heads..  Simply titled Found this book is amazing.. It’s one of those stories where someone was walking through a field and found an deteriorating abandon barn. Curiosity called them into the barn for some exploration and they found their way up to the attic. Lo and behold they found a stock pile of denim work-wear(field clothes)..

Except this story is true and there’s immaculate documentation of each piece of garment and a nice story to go with it..(look at close up below)

Buddy Tony A. formerly ‘alife’ help put the book together.. Amazing..