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Got a nice package from me hermano Tony Arcabascio, OG ny head and founding member of Alife (who’s on to bigger things these days).  Tony’s a true artist at heart. Tony doesnt like to half step, or come in second.. He’s from a school where being called wack or doing something wack is unacceptable.  Knowing that we have similar views a few things I wouldn’t expect anything less from Tony’s and WeSC’s recent collabo.. It’s a ill tee and denim package.. Simply called Tony, it’s super clean and branded Tony down to the tissue paper(nice touch). Super limited.. Might want to get it if  you can..

There are a few things I would rock of other people stuff…however this is something I can get down with.. Thanks Tony! Nuff Respect.

Funny thing, my mom stops by as I was taking photos.. She notices the cross, and says.. “oh that’s nice.. Bless his heart he put a cross on his clothes..”

Dope shit Tony even my moms likes it..

Leonards Malasadas

Don’t you love it when you get some Malasadas hand carried from Leonard’s Hawaii..

Leonard’s Bakery founded in 1952..

Malasadas a Portuguese and Hawaiian tradition…  Soooo good..

Happy Birthday Mariel

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After Bardot we headed over to our girl Mariel’s (Stylist Extraordinaire) B-Day Party at Roosevelt Penthouse rooftop..

Happy Birthday Girl..

1,2) Roosevelt Penthouse Rooftop

2) Jerry, Rickey

1) Mariel 2) Marlon, Mariel

Lykke at Bardot

Buddy Joanimal was gallivanting around Europe when she told me about Lykke’s semi-secret private performance at Bardot..

When we pulled up there was TMZ, paparazzi’s and a total scene..  None the less we were able to get on Lykke’s list and got in with noooo problemo…

1)Inside/Outside 2) Jennie, Teresa

Lykke killed it..

Lykke at Bardot from Peterock on Vimeo.

Check it the Vid.. Min 2:30 mark she busts on the megaphone..

Summer Tretorns

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Got some Tretorn’s from the guys at Puma…. These shoes are perfect if you lookin for some nice lightweight summer canvas shoes..

Thank you. Big props to Tony B. for being the one behind the brand and to have the vision and the know how to resurrect something that we all forgot about..

Factoid: Tretorn’s are one of the few sneakers they list in the Preppy Handbook.. Funny how things come around..


Lakers Win Game 5

Went to see the Lakers smoke some Nuggets in the 4th quarter to Win Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals..

Series Lakers 3 – Nuggets 2..


Another great book for all you collectors/denim heads..  Simply titled Found this book is amazing.. It’s one of those stories where someone was walking through a field and found an deteriorating abandon barn. Curiosity called them into the barn for some exploration and they found their way up to the attic. Lo and behold they found a stock pile of denim work-wear(field clothes)..

Except this story is true and there’s immaculate documentation of each piece of garment and a nice story to go with it..(look at close up below)

Buddy Tony A. formerly ‘alife’ help put the book together.. Amazing..

Summer Anthem

I’m gonna be play’n this all Summer.. I think this is gonna be my 09 Summer Anthem! (click play button below)




Wake up your neighbors with this every morning…

Boarding Passes

A weird thing that I do since I started traveling for work is I try to hold on to my airplane boarding passes.  I haven’t been able to hold on to them all but here’s a good sign of what ten plus years and a million miles looks like (I have more boarding passes).

Rickey-Levi-Portraits of the Process

Buddy Rickey Kim and Maestro recently released this trailer that they shot little more than 6 months ago. Nice to see this start to come out.  Nice one guys.

Via Rickey The Process (trailer) from Evil Monito Magazine

Anvil the Movie

After watching the Angels and Demons movie I met up with Josh Madden and his buddy. We headed to the Anvil Movie opening at the Nu-Art. The Anvil Movie is awesome… Definitely  go see it and support those guys..(I want to say buy one of their 13’ll understand after seeing the movie..) They are awesome!! If you like old school rock music.. Look up Anvil, two brothas from other muthas been rock’n for 30years. They haven’t changed.. An inspiring movie to say the least. Peep the trailer.


1) Mr Sacha aka TeaBag (Director of the film) with Josh Madden.. Thank you Mr. Sacha for the Tickets! 2) Anvil live performance after the movie!!

Angels And Demons Screening

Went to a private Angels & Demons screening inside Sony Studio’s in Culver City. Before they started the screening a Big Brotha went up to the front and held up some night vision monocular and said we are watching you, no phones, no texts, no recording devices, and no photos doing so is against Federal law. WTF… Federal Law? Anyway I wasn’t about to snap any shots of the movie after hearing that shit..

The movie was what-ever… Hollywood blockbuster with a couple of good twists at the end… It’s a Mission Impossible for old people. Instead of Tom Cruz, it’s Tom Hanks with less stunts.. Like illuminati folklore? I would watch for it on the Discovery Chanel, or on the internet…


Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty”

I was doing some research for a client who wanted help in the distressed denim dept. and ran into this little gem.

If your into denim Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty” a must cop if you can get it from someone who has an extra copy. I don’t think they were ever sold at retail. I am led to believe it was published in 2001. A few years ago I heard that this little old book was sold on ebay for $1000.oo bucks.. It’s a great resource if you want to geek out on denim, each page or spread has a shot of a different pair of denim. Next to the photo of the naturally worn in jean, is the brand name, retail cost, how many years it took to get the worn in pattern, how and when the 1st wash was, and what were the washing practices(maintenance of the jean) and lastly any particulars of the jean (like, if it was a original Levi’s XX from the 1940’s etc..).


Edith Beale of Grey Gardens

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Thought I’d post this book in reference to the Jackie 15 years later post..

‘A Life in Pictures’ of Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens.

Now turned into HBO show..

Originally a documentary film in 1975.

*The film depicts the everyday lives of the Edith Beales, a reclusive socialite mother and daughter (of the same name) who lived at Grey Gardens, a decrepit mansion at 3 West End Road in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighborhood of East Hampton, New York… Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale were the aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

(*quoted from wikipedia)


Roof top in Hong Kong

Roof top Hong Kong.

35mm, Hand held.


Coolhunting X Selectism

Nike flew in a few heads from out of town to preview some skate shoe release….Which is cool cuz I was able to have lunch with Tim-Coolhunting, Jeff-Selectism and Blake from Redblack at the good ol El Compadre’s on Sunset.  It was good catchin up with Jeff,  I always enjoy talking with him and hearing his perspective.. Having lunch with these three one can really learn alot about the Internet world that we all seem to live in.. I sure did. We talk about all kinds of stuff from Mike Tyson’s new film to ad impressions on the web.. I mean it got real nerdy and real conceptual in the span of minutes.  My type of lunch talk.. (Smile..)


1) Blake 2) Tim, Jeff

Natural Mystic

California Wonders:

We headed up to Hippie Valley (aka Yosemite) before the summer crowds.  During our stay we caught some amazing weather.  We caught some natural mystic weather (clouds coming and going, appearing disappearing.)  Time almost stays still up there (No internet, no phone service).  Thing are just different up in Yosemite Valley and I am glad they are.


1) El Capt. 2) Note red circle is a guy climbing El Capt.


1) Half Dome 2) Yosemite Falls


Siki X SuChin

Met up with Siki (Helmut Lang) for a little brunch and pick up SuChin on the way.. Both whom are in town doing a little biz from nyc..  Good catching up with these folks.. Good times..

Edward Sharpe @ The Regent

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Regent


Japanese Natural History Museum

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Pics from the Japanese Natural History Museum.. The details the old craftsmen used to put into things are amazing.. They got some cool old artifacts.



Jackie 15 Years Later

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Picked up the new TIME LIFE magazine Remembering Jackie 15 Years Later.. Really nice photos.. The Magazine reminds me of the Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens book..



Food Coma ::

After the Depeche Mode show we were starving.. We were now on a mission to get some grub.. But with three girls you know that can’t be an easy task.. I thought in’n out would be an easy call but one of them was like ‘eww you know I can’t eat that.. you can go and I’ll just eat after’..(wtf..ahaha) ummmm so  we were thinking where to eat as thousands of people are walking by us prob thinking the same thing (lets go eat)… Thai was thrown out there by one of the girls but I couldn’t to wait for an hour to eat.. We decided to start walking away from the show… Time goes by and we couldn’t decide where to go eat so I threw up (the don’t fail me now) Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.. and I swear I thought we won lotto.. Cuz the girls were screaming with excitement.. I must have heard Roscoe’s repeated a 100 times in 30seconds.. It was perfect cuz we were only a couple of blocks away…  And as we were walking over there in excitement,  I couldn’t help but recap and laughed out loud and said ohhh we can’t eat in’n out but we can eat Rosco’s.. We all started laughing…

Give it up to the girls for going OG.. Good ol Rocoe’s


Depeche Mode Hollywood Blvd Show

Heard that they closed down Hollywood Blvd for a Depeche Mode show…

Met up with Joanne, Teresa, and Juanita at Teresa’s house in Los Feliz. We saw the thousands upon thousands of hard core fans already in line.. By 4pm the line for admission extended from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset at least fifty people wide, (basically a streets width..) so that was a no go.. We decided to put on our ninja shoes and we did a straight covert operation and snuck into the W residence construction zone .. With the construction workers wearing orange vests and hard hats going home for the evening we decided to walk in the shadows…


1) Duck like the movie Man on Wire we hid behind a stack a dry wall.. We heard a group of guys getting off work.. 2) Quick another pic before more people walk by..


1) Found a empty room where we chilled out for an hour..


1) Floor plan of the room we were chill’n in… 2) While we were chill’n we were killing time twitting, facebooking, and bbm’ing and we heard the after party for the Depeche Mode show was going to be at Capitol Records.. Look out the window.. Capitol Records..


1) With sun bout to set and  the show bout to start… Then we started tripp’n balls cuz we heard construction people kickin out other people hiding to see the show. 2) With the sun setting and show bout to start.. made it to the top next to the W sign. Hallazzz



1,2) Hollywood Blvd..Over 10 thousand peeps


US Weekly Hot Hollywood

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Rolled up with Alice and Joe to the US Weekly party.. I know.. (I wasn’t bout to go..)

It was…(pause) how do you say (long pause) wackness..

There were familiar faces and I think we were all thinking the same thing.. this is wack lets grab a couple of drinks(open bar) and bounce..

Hit up the lovely Taco Zone after.. yummm..  Rickey Kimster was on his way home aswell.. so we met up at Taco Zone and caught up for a bit..

1) DJ AM 2) Dawn, Tammy Lovemade

Off the Wall X Bad Brains

While in Palm Springs Josh Madden brought me a little gifty gift.. A pair of dope ass Vans X Bad Brains shoes..  Thanks SOOO much me brethren..

Much Love.

Palm Springs Coachella Weekend..

Palm Springs Coachella Weekend in a nut shell.

1) Riviera Hotel

1) K-Mac 2) Teresa, Neran and Jenilee

1) Stefanie  2) Peter B.

1) Amazing twilight Sunset. The Calm before the madness.

1) Pase Rock 2) A-Trak

1) Joy(middle), Linda(Rt) 2) Kev, Mike-1

1) Mr Dom P   2) Audrina Patridge

1) Transaction 2) Lonely pair of sunglasses in the hot tub..

1,2) Oasis in the desert.

1) Jo, Ahn, K-Box, Shannie, Blondie, Teresa, 2) K-Box, Jo, Juanita

1) Busy P 2) Rude Boy

1) A Dead Boy 2) A new Sheriff was in town.

Palm Springs

Rolled down to Palm Springs for Coachella weekend..

Buddies, Josh Madden, Sky, and Timmy flew in from nyc to conduct interviews with bands who were in Palm Springs for Coachella….

Neran and I cruised down and met up with the nyc heads at Ace hotel..

1) Josh in the mist of one of his interviews, doin the do.. 2) Tim-Dawg taking snaps..(btw.. I forgot to say.. Nice camera.. )

New Era

Went down south with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park to the New Era Design Office.  We took his Bat Mobile.. Worked with Mario over at New Era on some new hats…(will keep you posted)

Here’s a pic of the wall of shame at New Era..

After New Era we went over to Suzuki and met up with Garrett and John Hensley(Nip Tuck). Got to sit on some new GsxR’s..

Those new GsxR’s have some serious horse power.. 180+hp under your balls..

Chanel Guitar

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Wonder what this sounds like….


After the Purple lounge Neran, Peter B, and I headed down the street to the Rainbow (an old school rock bar/food spot) wear Joe Hahn from Linkin Park was posting up with Dom and a home girl from a death metal band..  Pizza time, thanks Neran..

1) Dom 2) Joe Hahn