After the Purple lounge Neran, Peter B, and I headed down the street to the Rainbow (an old school rock bar/food spot) wear Joe Hahn from Linkin Park was posting up with Dom and a home girl from a death metal band..  Pizza time, thanks Neran..

1) Dom 2) Joe Hahn

Lykke Li at Purple Lounge

Lykke Li spun a little set over at the Purple Lounge on Sunset.. Door was a little mad cuz they were at capacity… Talked with Joel K and his buddy in line. Short wait later..

Saw Peter Graham (rock’n a cassette shirt) and he pointed me to Neran’s table..

1,2) Likke Li – (Love your music but come on girl.. Don’t believe them when they say it’ll be fun it’s ok you can dj with an ipod..)

1) Peter Graham, and his new friends.. (Buddy Rickey swears that Cassette clothes gives mad mojo..)


I have been hearing about Yogurtland lately.. So, when Joe Hahn said if I wanted to hit up Yogurtland I was game..  The rumors of what you hear is not a lie, Pinkle Berry watch out.. pour the flavor you want and what ever topping you want, go to the counter and weigh in, .30 pence an oz.. Ohh dam…

Studio Visit

Dropped by buddy Joe Hahn’s (Linkin Park) studio…

A kid could have a lot of fun over here…..

JP Love from Nike

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We almost missed it.. Walked into the studio after stepping away for a quick second.. Came back to a door tag…. Wondering what it was.. called fedex and asked them to have them try to deliver it again…. Woop woop.. glad I did.. cuz look with JP from Nike sent us.. Some Nike Love for the crew…

1) Old School Vintage remakes…. 2) Limited Edition G-Loc Cortez in the house..

SuChin @ BCD

Met up with SuChin the other day for some spicy Tofu at BCD.. BCD is go to spot for Boiling hot Lava Tofu.. Yumm..

Long Boarding in Austin SxSW.

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Joel grabbed an extra long sk8 and we pushed around town..

Some of the streets were madd thick.. Here’s pic of us posting up with a cold one..

Cruz’n down the parking lot to get to the truck…

SxSW Party

Special shout to all those to came out to our SxSW party..

Big thanks to our buddies from Think, thanks to JM for spinning.. good times…

And thanks to the guys who jumped into the pool.. Considering how cold the pool was, that was awesome….

And an ultra big shout out to all the people who made it possible.. Hornitos, Theme Magazine, Culture Jam, and Fiji water..

1) Double fisting the Hornitos.. 2) Brrrr..

Good seeing good ol buddies Nic and John..
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Sunset Back Yard Austin

We headed back to the house to rest up for a bit…. Posted up in the back yard and enjoyed watching the sunset behind the trees..

The Fort

Headed over to the Levis/Fader Fort Compond..  When we got there we saw Hiromi and friends..

We rolled up to the front and saw the longest line in SxSW..(retarded)

Good thing we bumped into Mike last night.. Gave him a text and boo-yeah.. Nothin but love… Mike laced us with staff wrist bands..

1) Sheppard Fairey 2) Sir Joel Cruz aka Deputy Dawg..

1) Don Jaun-Mike (Hit + Run)

1,2) Jonell Monae

Serengeti of Austin

After the wonderful Breakfast Tacos.. Joel took me to a little secret spot..

The Serengeti of Austin….

No joke.. miles upon miles of Texas land with Wild Animals.. Shit was bananas.. We went off road’n for miles reaching Lakes and ponds with stocked fish.. Heards of Gizelles, Zebras, Giraffes, Turtles, Buffalo….all on private property, shit was insane…..I was breath taking..  Texas Style I guess…

As we were driving around the gosh dam serengeti Joel was saying this is one of the reasons he likes Austin…. Thanks Joel for sharing..

Tamale House

Joel knows Austin…. The lighting in Austin is much like Los Angeles, VERY bright….

We headed to the Tamale House…. the goto for bfast tacos.. yummm…

You Tube

Good ol buddy Joel del la Cruz was dope enough to pick me up from the airport.. We headed straight in town..  Met up with Hiromi, Kat, and Yasha for a beer and then headed to Beauty Bar for the You Tube party..


2) Good ol buddy Mike C. (Hit + Run.) Rep’n..

Mother of all Evil

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Mother of all Evil..

G-Class packing 700 horsepower (690 bhp) / 515 kW along with 1,320 Nm of torque. That’s enough to propel the G V12 S from 0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds.

Dam Gina!

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In the same voice as Dam Girl… Dam Gina!

Came upon this concept car from BMW again.. Soo ill.. They are using fabric as the sheet metal..
“Chris Bangle gives us a first impression of the ideas behind the process of sculpturing an experimental study. This is the story behind this innovation!”

Dam Gina

BoA’s US Album release

Rolled up to BoA’s U.S. album release party/performance..  People say BoA’s the Britney Spears(At the height of her career minus the whole shaving the head, K-Fed thing) of Asia, selling over (eeh hemm.. )  34 million records as a young solo artist.. Wowzers…

1) Crowd forming.. 2) Cee-Lo, BoA, Farnsworth..

1,2) BoA’s performing her new single..

Guys Nylon – March 09

There are times when all I think about is food… The really nice folks at nylon asked me to put on blast some of my go to eats from east LA to Echo Park..
In the new Guys Nylon on shelf’s now.

944 – Young Hollywood

Our Buddy Rickey Kim asked me to write a piece for the Young Hollywood issue of 944 mag..
Over the course of the many years that I’ve known Hollywood, there have been times I’ve seen her shine bright, and there have been times I’ve seen some dullness. She has made many dreams come true, as well as broken many hearts. She’s always changing her style and will never cease to surprise you. The thing I love about Hollywood is her diversity. Her unabashed lust for red carpets, velvet ropes, hotel pool parties, dive bars, secret clubs, backyard barbecues, sunsets at the beach and young raw talent. I have seen her give love to street performers with the same love as movie stars. She’s at her best when she pushes the rules aside and allows those golden moments to happen, the times when she treats everyone like a star. So many people have fallen in love with her for that. Young Hollywood is about big dreams, ambitions, friendships, good times, moments of magic, being different and carving out your own path. But most of all Hollywood is about passing those golden moments on to strangers, friends and loved ones. We gotta keep her alive and bright. Here are some photos of young Hollywood from the past year.

Cassette :: Chloe

Cassette after party was at Chloe.. Downtowns dopest little hot spot..

Big thanks to Mike, M, Belvedere, Tony, Kenny, Jared, Morgan..

1) Josh Madden 2) Chau, Ly

1) Jenn, Claudine 2) Stas, Shannie

1) Hunter 2) Selina

1) Joanne, Kat 2) Mike, Errol

1) John, Rich 2) Andy

HOC-Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week-FW09

A little clip from our backstage lounge..

Back Stage Bryant Park NYC Fashion Week

A huge thank you to W Hotels and Think PR for hosting a viewing of our new campaign and as well allowing us to present a selection of our new collection..

The VIP W Hotels back stage lounge was truly back stage of the tents in Bryant Park.. The W lounge was where VIPs/Celebrities(Justin Timberlake)/Press chilled out between shows with a little champagne and if they so pleased a yummy Pop burger..Here’s a few pics..

1), 2) People have’n fun..

1) Hunter 2) Robert Hamada

1) Rickey and Dee (The Lego Kids as seen on Kanye West and everyone else) 2)Rickey and Dee’s fam.

1) Nicely Dressed Press 2) Bronques doing his thing..

Sway – Fashion Week

Sway was on and kick’n for fashion week..

1) Peter, Siki 2) Friend, Willo

1) Too many of these 2) Joanne

I Heart Ippudo

If your the type of person in search of the perfect bowl of ramen.. Gotta check out Ippudo…  Laura has been telling me about this awesome ramen spot near her pad for a while now…  So after homie Joanne and I got ready we rolled out to meet Laura and Anna at Ippudo…. Wholly shit… It’s amazing..!!!!!!!

Smith and Mills

After the Benefit we headed over to Siki’s birthday over at Smith and Mills.. 1st time I met Siki was in Germany.. Glad we could keep each others company through the years.. Good times.. Happy Birthday Siki..

1) Peter, Rob, Siki 2) Joel, Rob, Laura

1) Joanne, Shannon 2) Selina, Ballerina

1) Sebastian, Hunter 2) Legs

V Day Love Carnival

V Day Love Carnival Benefit The Creative Center Arts in Healthcare..

Featuring: Kissing Booths, Raffles, Jello Shots, Love Potions, Wedding Photos, Face Painting, Confection, Heart Darts and more…

Le Barron at the Bowery Hotel

Andre and Belvedere hosted a pop up club called Le Barron at the Bowery Hotel. Pure New York City..

1) Mark Ronson on the wheels of steel.. Lindsay Lohan in the back ground.. 2) Sam Ronson on the mic.. Hunter in the background.

1) Daniel Merriweather killing it.. 2) Carol, SuChin

1) Laura, Hunter 2) Josh, Joanne

CASSETTE :: NYC Fashion Week 09

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Josh, Lisa, Joanne and I went to see The Virgins play an amazing acoustic set at the Mercedes Benz kick off party….

Complex – Aaron Yoo

Complex Photo Shoot with Aaron Yoo.

Cassette selvage jeans.

Cassette Black Overdyed Jeans


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We rolled up to Bardot.. and the line was mad mad thick.. Like just keep on driving cuz it’s to crazy thick.. but you know PR girls.. Jen and Claudine did their magic and we parted the sea of people..

1)Bar, 2) Rickey

1) Claudine 2) Peter, Josh-man