Mammoth 09.2

It’s Monday, the weekend crowd is gone and after snowing three days.. the sun was shinning in typical southern cali form..
Caught some of the best riding ever.. Fresh Powder, no crowd, no lines, fresh tracks all day..

Mammoth 09

Hear it’s been dumping up in them hills..

El Dorado..

Jae and I stopped by our buddy Aly’s pad on the way to a lil donner shop.. He told us bout the el dorado and that he was spinning in a few… After a little donner dinner mit pom frits we headed to the el dorada..  thanks to Aly we discovered this fine watering hole..

Filippi’s San Diego..

Jae, Reggie, Joe and I rolled down to San Diego for Agenda and ASR.. I have been down to San Diego in age’s.. We hit up good ol’ Filippi’s.. nice little establishment in the heart of little Italy.. Fun place to go and have a slice or some pasta..You have to enter thru the market.. It’s not your fancy gourmet Italian… it’s good enough when your hungry..

Candle (Sick and Tired)

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Last month I rolled up to the taping of this video.. (Click here for the behind the scene look)

In the video the main girl is wearing cassette leather jacket and the guys in the band are rock’n cassette also….Check it… “Candle (Sick and Tired)”


Rolled up with Sung from Clae and Joe(cassette) to Coles for Lunch..

Coles, The originators of the French Dip..

Since 1908.

Winstons – Jan

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Cassette at Winstons.. Jan. 14th


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Went to a screening for the new Notorious B.I.G. flick (In movie theaters this Friday)..
No pics this time.. I was sitting few rows back from Sharon Stone and I didn’t want her to think I was taking pictures of her…

The filming and color was lacking but the content and story telling was on point, how could it not be with a story like Biggie’s. The film conveyed real moments of friendship, the cost of fame, the motivation of his hustle and the so called beef between west coast and east coast rap at the time.

I stayed till the end and heard the Q&A with George Tillman Jr the Director, Naturi Naughton who played Lil Kim and Derek Luke who played Puff.  They said for the movie they really tired to stay as true to all the details and places of how things happened during in Biggie’s life.  If your a fan of Hip Hop or a fan of B.I.G. it’s a def must see.

Gonna be spinning a Biggie set tonight at Winstons. Come through if your in the area.

SlumDog Millionaire

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SlumDog Millionaire

Got an advanced copy of SlumDog Millionaire…  SlumDog is a mix of two movies I really like Usual Suspects and City of God.  If you like these two movies you’ll like SlumDog Millionaire…

It’s a raw look into life growing up as a kid in Mumbai. Have to add that there is a few songs in the soundtracks from M.I.A..

Cassette Side B @ Winstons Jan 14th

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SAVE THE DATE :: Jan 14th..Cassette Side B @ Winstons (7746 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046) 9-2am
DJ’s :: noMSG :: N2 ::WendyCity :: LeeScratchPetey

Gap Press – Cassette

Japanese Magazine Gap Press Men featured Cassette’s Spring 09 New York Runway show.

Gap Press is a premier magazine that cover high end runway fashion from top fashion cities around the world.

So ill.

Kogi Taco Truck Yo..

The Kogi Taco Truck made a pit stop right by our studio in little Tokyo. If you have heard any rumors of these tacos being the absolute nicest morsel of love then I would say you heard right…. These Tacos are amazing, Mexican-Korean fusion Tacos..  You can follow then on twitter.. Don’t sleep.

Off the Hook for 09

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Wishing everyone’s ’09 is “Off the Hook” by CSS.


Off The Hook

Snowtime 08-09

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There’s snow up in them hills..  Had to get a little riding in before 08 was up..

Bear Mountain.

Conditions: Sunny, Warm, Blue skys, and jumps were in effect.

Good seein the guys still riding.. Snoop Namy Nam, T-Bone, and heard Choi Boy, Rich-Uno and Bobby was on the hill but didn’t see them, next time fellas..

ShortStop and Hiromi

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Hiromi one of the nicest girls around was also in LA for Christmas..

We got a chance to catch up, over a few pints and a few games of pool at ShortStop.

Good seeing you Hiromi, thanks for the video.

Josh and Lisa

Our homies Josh and Lisa were in LA for Christmas.
It was a good to see them during this time of year.. After some last min Christmas shopping we headed over to Mcafe.

M Cafe de Chaya  (Macrobiotic cafe offers organic Asian-inspired grub)

7119 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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It’s Holidaze time.. and I mean daze….

Got together for our home girl Joanne.. Happy B-Day lil jojo…

Flaunt Turns 10

  • Posted on: December 19th, 2008
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Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Casey Affleck, Marley Shelton, Kanye West, Kelly Osborne, and Wayne Kao celebrated 10 years of design, photography, film, music, art and fashion.

1)Line for the shuttle bus. 2)Inside the shuttle bus.

1)View from the master suite. 2) V,VIP area from inside the house 2nd floor.

1)Grace, Matt 2) Pansy, Greg

1)Billy, Jerry 2) Auna, Bryan

El Compadre

Met up with Rickey, and Jasmine(Oliver Peoples) for lunch today at El Compadre..

Old, dark, Mexican restaurant on sunset across from Guitar Center..

Recommend #12 Chile Relleno, Burrito, Rice and Beans combo..  Yessir..

El Compadre
7408 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

The Kid Stays in the Picture

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“The Kid Stays in the Picture” is a Documentary about legendary Paramount producer Robert Evans.. The film is a NPR slide show type of movie with Robert Evans narrating it. It’s an amazing look into his life and how he furthered it through ‘Luck’.. “Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.”

Robert Evans went from selling ladies pants with his brother to being the head guy at Paramount studios.. Robert Evans was a visionary, icon of his time, dreamer, gangster, pimp playa,.. This is guy produced the God Father… nuff said..

It’s an inspirational film only to be worthy of a gangster loc made by Oliver Peoples..

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, were playin at the Echo Plex.

Buddy Bryan Ling has been managing them and they recently just had an amazing write up in this months Flaunt mag..

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is an experience. Their vibe is contagious. Can’t wait to see them again.

Must see live show.


Drumming Astronaut

Rolled over to Imaginary Foundation artshow at suru and got to see the Drumming Astronaut preform..

Couple of window shots on the way to the DCMA shoe launch party..

PopUP Shop x Pepsi

Performances by
THE CLIPSE & Pacific Division

Evil Monito Magazine, Union, SneakTip, S.L.A.T.E., SneakTip, CLAE, craftworks, CASSETTE, Jungle Gurl, hypebeast
Sounds provided by DJ Fashen, DJ Peter Lee aka LeeScratchPetey, DJ Byze One, DJ Sour Milk, DJ Reflex, DJ Mike B
Brought to you by PEPSI
PEPSI PROPER POP UP is located at:
233 South La Brea, Los Angeles, CA

Daily Hours of Operations
Performance at 7pm

1,2) Pacific Division

1,2) Clipse

Spinna- Echo Plex

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Spinna @ at the Echo Plex..

1,2) Rhett, Spinna, J-Rocc


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White Tie Affair

Rolled up to visit our Buddy Josh Madden and the kids from White Tie Affair.. Josh was styling the White Tie Affairs new video shoot.. While they were shooting the White Tie Affair video, the crew from Hills came on set cuz their friends of the White Tie Affair and next thing you know we’re in the middle of a Hills taping as well.

White Tie Affair

1) Josh Madden 2) Joel Madden

1) Josh Madden 2) Josh, Audrina, Benji Madden

Winstons – Dec

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Big up to all the heads that rolled thru…

Interview Magazine

  • Posted on: December 10th, 2008
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The new Interview magazine is on point! Really good read, awesome layout like you’ll find in ‘fancy magazines’ like 10 but Interview only cost 4 bucks..

It’s like reading a edited version of Art in America..
Urs Fisher, Damien Hirst, Mike Kelly, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, Cindy Sherman, Laurence Graff, Rei Kawakubo, Gus Van Sant
Nuff Said…?

Side B

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SAVE THE DATE :: Dec. 10th..Side B @ Winstons (7746 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046) 10-2am

DJ’s :: noMSG :: N2 ::WendyCity :: Bryan Ling :: LeeScratchPetey


Went for a visit to Stash’s office, studio, warehouse..

The place is ill…

Stash goes way way back.. He had us in stitches… calling out guys when they were just getting their teeth cut..

He’s sitting on a lot of history.. Nuff Respect.