Peter Lugers

Joe Hahn, Noel, Stash and myself at Peter Lugers..

Rose Bar

  • Posted on: December 6th, 2008
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Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel.. GPH is one ill hotel.. If you like modern art.. check it.. especially the roof top…

Pics of the Rose Bar..


Bacaro… LLES’s lil gem..

Josh Madden

(When it’s full.)

Mai House

Mai House- Vietnamese in Tribeca.

1st Snow NYC 08

1st Snow NYC 08

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon….Late night is even better..

Bone Marrow, Foie Gras, Duck Sandwich, Clams, Fried Chicken….. Forget about it..

1) Laura, Tamara 2) Tamara, Stas

East Broadway..

Rolled down to LLES to East Broadway..

1)Light 2) Photo..Laura Vignale

1) Laura, Stas 2) Tamara

1) Diana, SuChin, Annie, Will

Soho House

We all rolled over to the Soho house..

Soho House is a private members club with rooms, dinning, swimming pool, library, bar, film screening room, game room, drawing room..and so on… more or less an adult playground. (Click here to see the Shoreditch-House in London’s east end.. )


Mark Franandez took us over to Kandisnsky’s studio….

What Time is it…

What time is it…..

Yoo time to roll the Eff out…

Wo Hop

After Kingswood started to thin out we all heard the call of the wild.. some how ended up at Wo Hop..


After our meeting with the ministry of sound.. Our guys Jared, Mike.. do Kingswood on Thursday.. Or something like that amongst all the other things these guys handle..

1) MT 2) Laura and Sarra

Studio- Sound

After Omen. Mark Fernandez took us to this guys studio in soho.. Amazing Man Cave.. I was drooling.. Joe and him were talking shop. I never seen a studio quite like this.. It looked like you were piloting a sound ship.. and we were in the captains chair.. I asked him play something loud and the guy to to turned it up.. I couldn’t hear my self say ‘yeeahhh'(4 second yeah)….


While at Stash’s opening.. Marc Ecko hit up Joe to swoop him up for dinner..  Marc picked us up in his custom whip and took us to Omen (Critic’s Pick- New York Magazine) a Kyoto style Japanese sushi spot… The uni is like you want it to be….

1) Joe Hahn 2) Noel

Visionaire 54

Visionaire 54 X Lacoste.. at the Stash x Lacoste Launch..

Stash X Lacoste

Hangin with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and Noel.. We rolled up to Stash’s Shoe Launch with Lacoste at Nort/Recon..

1,2) Nuff Respect Futura 2000


Gramercy Park Hotel..

Blue Ribbon

We turned into beasts after ‘Beast’…. Headed over to Blue Ribbon where homie Willy Dee was hold’n it down..

1) Bone Marrow, (Some primal food of the ancestors.. soo good) 2) Fried Chicken..


Soon as we landed.. we sent our bags to the telly and rolled up to dinner with Suchin, her friends and Boa (K-Pop super star)(Pic of her here)..

After dinner we headed to Beast(Goth Night).. down in ‘LLES’.  Shannie and Ly hold’n it down…

Ly and Shannie..

NYC-Winter 08

Dee Plane Dee Plane.. NYC From Dee Plane..

Details-Preppy HandBook

  • Posted on: December 2nd, 2008
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Here’s the Preppy Handbook again.. In the same Dec issue of Details.. They give shine to the Preppy Handbook as part of the most influential items of today.

Also posted here by us last month..

Details – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas wearing yellow cassette denim. At 16 he’s ranked in the top 40 of the most influential under 47.

Nick Jonas wearing yellow cassette denim.

Bon Iver – Stacks

  • Posted on: November 25th, 2008
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Finally getting a chilly in LA.. Perfect time to listen to Bon Iver’s Stacks with a morning cup of coffee to get the day sorted…

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent" /]


  • Posted on: November 25th, 2008
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RubiTone concept by Ignacio Pilotto.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they ended up making this..

Sic Pad in Sliver Lake

  • Posted on: November 24th, 2008
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Rolled up to a sic custom pad in Sliver Lake for a B-day party..

1)Back Yard.. 2)Dinner Chime..

1)Live music 2) Skyway to the back wing..


  • Posted on: November 24th, 2008
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Rolled up with Joe Hahn from Linkin Park to a KoreAm event this weekend.. Marget Cho hosted and performed a song and skit… also got to see and meet K-pop star Se7en. Food was served by Lawry’s Prime Rib (And they brought the carts!).


Rock Night @ The Standard

  • Posted on: November 19th, 2008
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Rolled up to Bling’s Rock Night(Tue’s) at The Standard after a nice Dinner with him at One on Sunset..

1) Ana 2) Bryan, Ana, Ryan



  • Posted on: November 17th, 2008
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Axis @ SURU..

The guys at SURU turn the store into a Gallery for the opening.. Out back was the reception where it was pretty much a packed house….

Good to see people from nyc to LA representing..

1)Joe Hahn- Linkin Park/SURU, 2)Jasmine-Oliver Peoples, Sly-EM

1)Nick-Diamond, Stash-Recon, Josh-10Deep 2)Paula-Fierce Lady.., Kenny-Belvedere.

Preppy Handbook

  • Posted on: November 14th, 2008
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A while back our Buddy Josh Madden.. (One down MoFo..) sent me the 1st edition of “The Official Preppy Handbook”…

See how much times have changed or how much they haven’t….  Awesome fodder or resource depending which state of mind or mood your in..  Stereotypical to the T!  A guide to live your life as a prepster…  You can see Ralph Laurens new collection in the book even though it was published in 1980.. See how times change(or how they don’t).

The title says it all “The Official Preppy Handbook”… A handbook for the prepster…

Crooks USB

  • Posted on: November 12th, 2008
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Look what I found in one of my bags that I haven’t opened since the last magic show…

Our long time buddies Dennis, Rob and crew made a ill USB bullet/card… Soo ill..