The Mix – The Hotel

  • Posted on: August 29th, 2008
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Our Buddy Coltrane was throwing a event at the Mix at the very top of The Hotel (Mandalay Bay) The place is i’ll!!!

1) Public School, PegLeg 2) CP3!!

Simon – Las Vegas

  • Posted on: August 29th, 2008
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This years Kangol Dinner was at Simon (Palms Place)

1) Simon by the pool 2) Anoma, Sky

Like a book shelf.. they had a Indoor garden of herbs growing fresh for the kitchen.



Hefner Suite

We rolled up to Vegas on Monday.. After setting up at Project we headed over to one of the most yummiest Thai food spots around.. Then we headed over to The Palms Hotel. Our buddies from Crooks were throwing a party at the Hefner Suite.

1) Multi Room 2 Level Hefner Suite.. 2) DJ Alchemist

Revolve Clothing Store

  • Posted on: August 21st, 2008
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Our Buddies at Revolve Clothing just opened a new brick and mortar store. 8452 Melrose (West Melrose). Here’s pics of the opening party..

1) Joel, Friend 2) Cory, James

Josh and Bronques

  • Posted on: August 19th, 2008
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Our buddies Josh Madden and Bronques have been killing it…. One thing after another..

Check out what the duo did together on a fun night in nyc for Wild Dragon energy drink.

Josh styled and Bronques shot.

Male model wearing cassette.

91 Livefastdresspretty

91 Live Fast Dress Pretty.

Photo: Bronques

Continue Past Where The Road Ends

The Kenai Peninsula has over 9000 lakes.. Here’s a couple of them..


Life and Death

Alaska is a State of contrast.. Temps that go well under -40degrees in the winter to in the mid 70’s in the summer.. One can readily see the cycles of life all around them.. The vast flourishing life that abounds in the summer is a constant reminder that everything is short lived when winter is a constant threat and always very near.

Gone Fishing

This morning looked like a fine day to go fishing.. Packed the gear and went down to the river..

Testing the Cassette gear..

1) Cassette Shacket (Shirt/Jacket) and Pants worked mighty fine up there.. 2) Jenn wearing cassette..catching a nice Sockeye.

Trip on This…

Alaska is truly The Last Frontier..

The fish count on the Kenai River has been a little low this year.. So we decided to go walking through the forest.. It was pretty cool finding things and reconnecting with your inner kid.. Trip out on our little findings..

1) Amanitas Poisonous Mushroom. (What up.. Super Mario Brothers)

Hello Alaska

Hello Alaska!!!

X-Games After Party

Stopped by to say what up to Josh at the Roxy.. He was spinning for FlowTv, DCMA, Wasted Space, X-Games wrap up party…

It was a “Night in Hollywood”… Red carpet an all..Reporters from In Touch, Life in Style, People.. ect.. were there covering the event..

Heard.. Walle and Three 6 Mafia performing.. but had to be outro… Have to catch a plane in the morning..

Polo Lounge

We were shooting at the studio…. Josh and Dan the man was kind enough to stop by for a while to say hi and chop it up… Josh man is in town for a couple of gigs.., and Dan was in town for an appointment and a dinner….(then back to work-nyc) Dan is a man of many wonders and an has enough of experiences to last a few life times.. Dan was kind enough to invite me to join in on a dinner at the Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills Hotel).. Got to meet the a nice designer/architect couple one of whom designed the Doir homme stores.. Yessir..

1)Dan, Josh

1) The Kobe (Wagu) Beef was nothing short of wowzers.. 2)The blueberry and chocolate souffle is a MUST…. Soo good made us get a happy…

White Tie Affair

White Tie Affair performance at the Roosevelt Hotel and the Cast of MTv’s The Hills was there to get down….

1) Engineer 2) Josh Madden Dj’n

1) On stage Audrina and Lauren Conrad and the White Tie Affair. 2) Ryan wearing our Rude Boy tee.

Coast to Coast..

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Coast to coast…

1) East: NYC-Photo:Suchin 2) West: Huntington Beach

Cool Kids

  • Posted on: July 28th, 2008
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Mikey, and Chuck from The Cool Kids came by the studio today to do a little shopping. They’ve been on tour for the about a year straight.. Their next set of gigs will be with Rock the Bells tour.. Sharing the stage with A Tribe Called Quest, NAS, Mos Def, Method Man, RedMan, De La Soul, Rakim, MF Doom, Murs, Dead Prez, Raekown & Ghostface, Spank Rock, Sage Francis, Kid Sister, SantoGold, Afrika Bambaataa, Wale, Amanda Blank, Flosstradamus, and The Pharcyde….

Mikey, Wendy City, Chuck

Capsule III Recap.

  • Posted on: July 28th, 2008
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1) Vashtie 2) Shannon

1) Jiae, Ssinjin 2) Jermy, Willy Dee

1) Robert Hamada 2) Omar, Sung

1) Josh, Lisa, Hero 2)Faran, Lisa, Dan the man, Josh, Stas

1) Shans 2) Meat Packing aka Zoo York #1

1) Lighting Storm

1) United Hooked it up both ways yo…

Santo’s Playhouse

  • Posted on: July 25th, 2008
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New night spot Santo’s Playhouse in down town.. Prince Paul was bringing the heat on the wheels of steel..

1) Legendary Graff artist Quik and Grammy Award Winner and all around cool dude Dante Ross.. 2) Sung from Clae and Eugene Editor of Details Magazine..

The cool thing about downtown you’ll never know who’s gonna be there.. Model Jessica Stam was hanging out in front..

Chari & Co.

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Get your fix and stop by Chari & Co for your all your Japanese Keirn fix gear needs..

LES 175 Stanton St. New York NY 1002

Tell’em the kids at cassette sent you…


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After the Cazals show we went over to Sway for Roxy Cotton Tails night…  Boh Boh Boh…

Cazals (UK)

  • Posted on: July 25th, 2008
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After Josh was done we headed over to the Tribeca Grand Hotel to peep out the Cazals..

Step Brother

  • Posted on: July 25th, 2008
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Then we were off to meet up with Josh Madden who was spinning the official after part for the movie premiere of Step Brother at the Empire Hotel..

Every type of Patron was open all night.. Ouch..

X marks the spot..

Gramercy Park Hotel

  • Posted on: July 25th, 2008
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Stopped by the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel to grab a drink with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park.. He’s on tour right now and using nyc as home base while playing in near by north east cities.. GPH is one ill hotel.. If you like modern art.. you must check it.. especially the roof top and the rose bar.. What you will you find is a 30’x40′ Damian Hirst butterfly collage, Andy Warhol’s Ladies and Gentlemen, works by Keith Harring, and others…….

Silver Lining..

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It’s always a good sign when you see a cloud with a silver lining in the sky..

In front of Barrio Chino..

1,2) JC, Billy and I sat for a drink after a quick meal at Cafe Habanna.

1) Met up with our buddy Tamara for a chat at Shillers.. Always good to catch up with Tamara… After a few toasts.. 2) SuChin picked me up from Shillers to head up to Ben Cho’s night at Sway..

1) Humberto of Opening Ceremony, SuChin, Friend, and Willy Dee.

New York Market

In NYC for market.. Debuting Spring 09 at our new showroom Steven Alan and over at Capsule trade show.

Cassette Spring 09 Femme

LA BFF-Kick off Meet / Party

  • Posted on: July 18th, 2008
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Met up with Brendt of BFF for the LA Kick off party for the bicycle film festival here in LA..



  • Posted on: July 17th, 2008
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Bicycle Film Festival is in town….

1) Flyer for the Bicycle Film Festival kick off (tonight)… 2) Click on the flyer for show times..


Z-Trip :: 2 Live Crew

55DSL hosted BPM’s 12th Anniversary party with the DJ AM, TroubleMaker, Bloody Beetroots, Old school Miami Bass 2 Live Crew and DJ Z-Trip…

(In a mumbling voice..) While 2 Live Crew on stage it got a little raunchy…Cough Cough..





1)Ann (55dsl), Bronques-nuff said, Charlene (55dsl–Jr. Lucky Bastard..)