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Check out some photos our friend Leila styled using our bib polo and jumper for an urb photo shoot.

bib polojumper


French Vogue

During the end of the year we got a call from the sweetest french voice you could ever hear over the phone. A phone call from Paris. She was calling on the behalf of French Vogue. She was wondering if we were interested in answering some question for vogue. We were delighted.

Now it’s early January, and I am in Hong Kong. I get this email and it writes “Happy new year!!! I inform you that the article “Denim Chic” is on line.”

What a way to start the year. Happy New Year indeed.

French Vogue

Back to Hong Kong

It’s late, as I check in to my hotel. The receptionist states Mr. Lee welcome back, we have a package for you.
I was like, really? OK thanks.
It was an invitation from Angel (nike HK) to the HK AF1 party. Thanks Angel! (Mr. Rickey Kim introduced us.)

After unpacking the goodies. I open the window and had to take a picture.




HK view

You got to love Hong Kong.

Downtown L.A.

  • Posted on: December 19th, 2006
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View from the TST roof top.


Rest in Peace Tabo San.

  • Posted on: December 14th, 2006
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Today I received an email from my good friend I-K. It’s one of those emails you don’t ever want to get in the morning. Nothing but questions ran through my mind with no hope for any swift response. Our heart goes out to you Kabo. Rest In Peace Tabo-san, you will not be forgotten.


Be the Riottt

The whole Cassette gang went up to S.F. for our good friend Rickey Kim’s launch for It was nice to fly up to S.F. for the weekend. It was cool seeing Rickey in his element, he’s always a good host. (Got us all back stage to all the stages…)

Be the Riottt

Be the Riottt


Be the Riottt

Girl Talk.

Be the Riottt

Girl Talk. Killed it.

Be the Riottt

Be the Riottt

The Rapture.

Be the Riottt

Be the Riottt

Cassette in Apparel News

Erin Barajas, is a Diamond.
Thanks Erin for capturing our spirt.

Summer time in Alaska 2006

The Last Frontier.

Summer time in Alaska, is always a grounding experience.
Our family goes every summer. This summer was no exception. Besides the normal fishing and catching up with family friends that live up there all year around. I got a chance to picked up a drill and help with Mr. Kling’s house that he’s hand building. I don’t know if I actually helped or messed things up. In any case it was pretty cool. I am glad I got to put in a few screws. Mr. Kling actually knows how many boxes of screws he’s bought. How many people know how many screws/or nails are in the home their living in? He’s building a pretty awesome two story modern day house, with him and his long time buddies. Most of which gave their summer up to give him a hand in building a house from laying the foundation to laying in the tile. I’d say they are some pretty cool guys!

For some reason the trip this year was a big inspiration. I think you might see some of this carry in to our fall collection.

Alsaka Forest

Forest Trail.

Alsaka Forest ViewAlsaka Forest tiny house

Tiny House in the middle of the forest.

Alsaka Fishing Halibut

Alsaka Fishing Halibut.1

Halibut Fishing.

Salty Dawgs

“Salty Dawgs”– Bar..


Little past midnight…

Coachella 2006

Coachella 2006.





Depeche Mode

Studio Walls

Pictures of some pillars that are holding up our studio walls.

studio walls


  • Posted on: March 10th, 2006
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My older brother is a pretty cool guy. Not only do I look up to him, he never ceases to suprise me. Especially when he showed me his finished new oldie. I have been to a number of car shows, and have friends that have had some pretty smooth rides. In comparison to the many cars I’ve seen and have ridden this one has to be one of the sweetest, cleanest rides out there. Full, frame off restoration.

The G.S. in this Riviera doesn’t stand for Grand Sport..But rather, Gansta Sucka…



Official Cassette Ride.