944 – Young Hollywood

Our Buddy Rickey Kim asked me to write a piece for the Young Hollywood issue of 944 mag..
Over the course of the many years that I’ve known Hollywood, there have been times I’ve seen her shine bright, and there have been times I’ve seen some dullness. She has made many dreams come true, as well as broken many hearts. She’s always changing her style and will never cease to surprise you. The thing I love about Hollywood is her diversity. Her unabashed lust for red carpets, velvet ropes, hotel pool parties, dive bars, secret clubs, backyard barbecues, sunsets at the beach and young raw talent. I have seen her give love to street performers with the same love as movie stars. She’s at her best when she pushes the rules aside and allows those golden moments to happen, the times when she treats everyone like a star. So many people have fallen in love with her for that. Young Hollywood is about big dreams, ambitions, friendships, good times, moments of magic, being different and carving out your own path. But most of all Hollywood is about passing those golden moments on to strangers, friends and loved ones. We gotta keep her alive and bright. Here are some photos of young Hollywood from the past year.