Bespoke III- Dinner

  • Posted on: August 27th, 2007
  • Posted in: Updates

This season the gathering for Bespoke III came in three parts (Bespoke II Last season). Part 1, A private dinner with an open bar. Part 2, after diner private party again with an open bar. And part 3, a relaxing day spa treatment. There was a lot special invited guests at dinner, here are some of the ones we said hello to…. Coltrane and Lisa-Epiphany, Chris-Fruition, Cassette Crew, Hawaii-LTD, Sung-Clae, Minya-BPMW, Deirdre-BPMW, John-Moseley Tribe, Dennis and family-Crooks, Omar-Cmonwealth, Greg-snafu, Josh-10Deep, Will-Nomdeguerre, Bam-HellzBellz, Ricky, Sky Riottt, Dante Ross as himself.