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  • Posted on: June 19th, 2007
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Take a sneak peak at our A/W 2007 book.

House of Cassette A/W 2007

Life is about the Hidden Treasures.

For this Fall/Winter 2007 collection, the design studio at Cassette looked toward Alaska for its inspiration. In the minds of many, Alaska denotes a land where solitude reigns and the land lays barren, the last vestige of modern day civilization. And yet Alaska also harkens an emotion familiar to us all: the literary, a sense of internal reflection, one layering against the cold. House of Cassette took these ideas as a challenge when approaching their Fall/Winter collection.

It’s apparent that environment affects man and man affects environment. Utilizing old world technology such as British Millerain wax cotton, a water repellant fabric that has proven its effectiveness over the years since the 1800s; Cassette approached this fabric with an intuitive design aesthetic in their outerwear pieces. Another highlight is Cassette’s continual use of 100% Merino Wool – Merino is the finest breed of Sheep, its wool cherished for its excellent quality.

Whilst Cassette in its design is rather clean and simple, it is the details hidden within, the junction where thread meets fabric that results in good design. The definition of good design in the House of Cassette is concentrated in the creative analysis of the internal construction and fit, i.e. wool cardigans with reverse seaming having a clean finish.

A classic trait of Cassette’s design ethos rests on the idea of self discovery: challenging the unknown, adapting to ones environment and recognizing where the hidden treasures lie. Cassette’s Fall/Winter collection is the aesthetic design output in the study of Nature vs Human, its interaction of these two parties, and the wonderful balance that remains.