Cremaster 3

  • Posted on: July 3rd, 2007
  • Posted in: Updates

Rickey stopped by the studio the other day, it’s always nice when he stops by to say hi and fills us in as to what he’s been doing, and what projects he’s been working on.. During his last visit, he was kind enough to drop off a Cremaster 3 book by Mathew Barney. He said he knew I would like it.. he was right. We’re pretty Big fans of Mathew Barney. I remember watching the Cremaster Cycles when it played at the Nuart back in like ’96. Then a few years back I was fortunate enough to see his Cremaster Cycle exhibition at the Guggenheim in nyc. The exhibition was nothing short of amazing! The whole Guggenheim from the very top of the building to the theathers in the basement was dedicated to Mathew Barney’s Creamaster Cycle. Here some pics from Cremaster 3.



1) Cutting patatos. 2) Check out that Guinness cup.