• Posted on: June 25th, 2008
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Our girl SuChin is a host on the new eco show “G Word” on Discovery green channel.. She gave us a new little eco-sphere.. It’s soo cool. It’s a little sealed glass ball that is totally self sustaining.

Here some words on the eco-sphere::

Contained in each of these beautifully crafted spheres are several key components, each of which are critically important to one another. Active micro-organisms, bright red shrimp, and algae comprise the biological elements whose symbiotic relationship means they could not exist without each other. Their environment is composed of filtered seawater, Gorgonia (a non-living branch-like material), and gravel. Gorgonia and gravel serve as hiding places for the animals and provide the algae and micro-organisms with a stable platform for growth. Culminating in a perfect biological balance, each Ecosphere is a wonderful example of nature. This is how it works: First, light energy is used by the algae to fuel the photosynthetic process which produces oxygen as a bi-product. Then, using the oxygen, the shrimp produce carbon dioxide, which is used by the algae. The shrimp also produce waste product, which is then utilized by the micro-organisms who break it down into basic nutrients that can be used by the shrimp and algae. It is a perfect circle needing nothing more than light. (read more :: get one here) biobiobioeco