Gap 1969 Pop Up-Shop

  • Posted on: August 19th, 2009
  • Posted in: Updates

Gap’s 1969 Pop Up Shop on Robertson(LA) had their opening party the other night. Buddy Joel Madden was spinning so I dropped by to say hi..
Gap’s 1969 jeans and now cut and sew line has always intrigued me.. It’s cool to see that people on the inside are still pushing for the line.. The pop up shop will only be open for one month in LA and then rumor has it, after LA it’s going to NYC for a month.. I like the thinking and the outlook of the line.  It reminds me of cassette, only with Gap’s fit(straight leg, wider cuts). I was gifted a pair of these cinch back jeans.. they are pretty cool.  All the details are on point.. The two things I didn’t like was the wide leg opening, and the light weight denim that to some folks could appear cheap. But, for 88 bucks I think it’ll do the job just fine and then some for most people that aren’t the ultra connoisseur types.