Sung, Rickey, John

  • Posted on: June 1st, 2007
  • Posted in: Updates

Sung of Clae, Rickey of Evil Monito and John of Theme Magazine met up at the studio and kicked it for a while before we went out and grabbed dinner and some drinks. Conversations went into the morning…

To say big things are happening for these guys.. wouldn’t be right because they have been doing big things for a while now.. Lets say things are getting bigger bigger for these guys. Sung is breathing new life into his Clae shoes. John has already branched Theme into a resource for companies to tap into Theme’s creative technical-talent to assist in branding, concepting, campaigning, and publishing. They are already working with seriously, some incredible companies. Rickey is working on some huge things himself, stay tuned to his website for more details in the coming weeks..


1)Sung  2) Rickey  3) John