The Madden Bro’s

Our buddy, stylist, DJ, and true inspiration Josh Madden(right) was in town from nyc. He stopped by our studio with his brother Joel Madden(left) to say hi. It’s really rare when after you meet with someone you change the way you see things. This is what happened to me when I met Josh. He has such a positive out look on life and things in general, his energy just rubs off on you. He was in town visiting his brothers of Good Charlotte before they leave on pre-tour(A world tour before the World Tour) this weekend. We talked about the inspiration of the pictures posted up on our studio pillars, art, guns, skating and movies. Joel said he collects guns and I my ears opened up.. I definitely want to see your quiver one day. I’m down to peel some caps any day Joel. I’ll bring mine if you bring yours. Smile.