The Shoreditch House

My last night in town; had a late meeting with a really nice director cat Giles and his assistant Kate over at the Shoreditch house. We met just a few hours before he leaves to South America for a month to shoot a new commercial. The Shoreditch house is a members only multi floor estate, that happens to have a pool on top floor(yes in London).. The building is equipped with a huge bar, pool table and video games that’s loaded up with credits, a dining area with views of an open kitchen and a back dining area for more private conversations, and a wonderful view of London.

1) Met up with Fats the man around town.. He gave me a cool insiders look into the different stores in London. 2) Stopped by the maharishi store and got a chance to meet Hardy the man behind maharishi, P.T. gave the intro.. (mode 2 painting..)

Been staying the night over at Paul and Angela’s over in the east end.. Paul had Monday off so he was able to really show me around the city.. On Tuesday spent most of the day working in the Puma office.

1) Paul’s desk in the Puma design studio. 2) Puma’s entertainment office. Thanks Lisa.