Bowery Then Jane

After watching September Issue.. We headed over to the Bowery.. Side entrance.. No list, no money, just password steelo…

1) Joanne was hanging with buddy Sarah. Whom.. ahem, flew in a private jet to nyc for fashion week.. No seat belts, no please take your seat we’re about to land… plain ol’ do what ever you want.. cold chill’n steeze.. 2) Rickey and BennyGold were in town both un-fashion related trips to ny, everyone on the hustle..

Next stop Jane.

1) New spot, Jane.  Suppose to be the new Beatrice.. (who can keep track..) 2) After Jane we went to Noodle Town… After eating at Noodle Town, I think we decided that we were stick to WoHOP even though it’s heard to beat feeding 5 with beers for under 30 bucks..