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Buca Mario

Throwback Thursday. Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo, Japan.. Today’s throwback Thursday was inspired by the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. All shot in 35mm.  

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

Heineken X HAZE Draught glasses. 114/250 S/O Team Epiphany killin the game.

HAZE X Heineken

The other day homie Claudine invited me out to have dinner over at Red O with a couple of her peoples.. A newish restaurant by Master Chef Rick Bayless. Food was good.. Company was better.. Let me say, I did not dibble dabble with the patron bar.. Shame on me.. I bet I would have […]

Red O

Had lunch with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and Bobby from The Hundreds. We rolled up to Señor Fish (1st and Alameda). They serve great fish tacos. Gotta love the salsa bar.

Señor Fish

Catch up dinner with Tamara and Joanne. (On our way for a catch up drink.)

Tamara and Joanne

Sky and I rolled up to Chole to meet up with Laura and Anna… We grabbed a few drinks and drove around in the G-Wagon and before calling it a night we were on the hunt for the perfect slice… Sky turned me on to one of the best late night slice spots I have […]

Artichoke Pizza

Maxwell at Red Egg..


New Year Dim Sum at Red Egg with Sky and the Epiphany Crew.

Trane and Lisa

After watching September Issue.. We headed over to the Bowery.. Side entrance.. No list, no money, just password steelo… 1) Joanne was hanging with buddy Sarah. Whom.. ahem, flew in a private jet to nyc for fashion week.. No seat belts, no please take your seat we’re about to land… plain ol’ do what ever […]

Bowery Then Jane

Every time I go to Hong Kong I have to stop by this place called Little Sheep.  It’s the OG shabu-shabu (from China).. When you walk in to the restaurant it smells of spices and curry.. You can order the half and half broth base.  On one side  it’s like salty chicken soup,  and the other […]

LA Has Hot-Pot

Besides the classic cars and great weather, there is another reason to like Southern California.. Most everyone can have their own garden.. This is Mr. Kling’s garden… Mr. Kling is one bad ass dude. A man’s man, and a veteran of war.. Anyone that knows Mr. Kling knows he’s cut from a different cloth, part scientist, […]

Gardening 101

Don’t you love it when you get some Malasadas hand carried from Leonard’s Hawaii.. Leonard’s Bakery founded in 1952.. Malasadas a Portuguese and Hawaiian tradition…  Soooo good..

Leonards Malasadas

Nike flew in a few heads from out of town to preview some skate shoe release….Which is cool cuz I was able to have lunch with Tim-Coolhunting, Jeff-Selectism and Blake from Redblack at the good ol El Compadre’s on Sunset.  It was good catchin up with Jeff,  I always enjoy talking with him and hearing […]

Coolhunting X Selectism

Met up with Siki (Helmut Lang) for a little brunch and pick up SuChin on the way.. Both whom are in town doing a little biz from nyc..  Good catching up with these folks.. Good times..

Siki X SuChin

Food Coma :: After the Depeche Mode show we were starving.. We were now on a mission to get some grub.. But with three girls you know that can’t be an easy task.. I thought in’n out would be an easy call but one of them was like ‘eww you know I can’t eat that.. […]


I have been hearing about Yogurtland lately.. So, when Joe Hahn said if I wanted to hit up Yogurtland I was game..  The rumors of what you hear is not a lie, Pinkle Berry watch out.. pour the flavor you want and what ever topping you want, go to the counter and weigh in, .30 […]


Met up with SuChin the other day for some spicy Tofu at BCD.. BCD is go to spot for Boiling hot Lava Tofu.. Yumm..

SuChin @ BCD

Joel knows Austin…. The lighting in Austin is much like Los Angeles, VERY bright…. We headed to the Tamale House…. the goto for bfast tacos.. yummm…

Tamale House

There are times when all I think about is food… The really nice folks at nylon asked me to put on blast some of my go to eats from east LA to Echo Park.. In the new Guys Nylon on shelf’s now.

Guys Nylon – March 09

If your the type of person in search of the perfect bowl of ramen.. Gotta check out Ippudo…  Laura has been telling me about this awesome ramen spot near her pad for a while now…  So after homie Joanne and I got ready we rolled out to meet Laura and Anna at Ippudo…. Wholly shit… […]

I Heart Ippudo

Jae, Reggie, Joe and I rolled down to San Diego for Agenda and ASR.. I have been down to San Diego in age’s.. We hit up good ol’ Filippi’s.. nice little establishment in the heart of little Italy.. Fun place to go and have a slice or some pasta..You have to enter thru the market.. […]

Filippi’s San Diego..

Rolled up with Sung from Clae and Joe(cassette) to Coles for Lunch.. Coles, The originators of the French Dip.. Since 1908.


The Kogi Taco Truck made a pit stop right by our studio in little Tokyo. If you have heard any rumors of these tacos being the absolute nicest morsel of love then I would say you heard right…. These Tacos are amazing, Mexican-Korean fusion Tacos..  You can follow then on twitter.. Don’t sleep.

Kogi Taco Truck Yo..

Our homies Josh and Lisa were in LA for Christmas. It was a good to see them during this time of year.. After some last min Christmas shopping we headed over to Mcafe. M Cafe de Chaya  (Macrobiotic cafe offers organic Asian-inspired grub) 7119 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

Josh and Lisa

Met up with Rickey, and Jasmine(Oliver Peoples) for lunch today at El Compadre.. Old, dark, Mexican restaurant on sunset across from Guitar Center.. Recommend #12 Chile Relleno, Burrito, Rice and Beans combo..  Yessir.. El Compadre 7408 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046

El Compadre

Joe Hahn, Noel, Stash and myself at Peter Lugers..

Peter Lugers

Bacaro… LLES’s lil gem.. Josh Madden (When it’s full.)


Mai House- Vietnamese in Tribeca.

Mai House

Blue Ribbon….Late night is even better.. Bone Marrow, Foie Gras, Duck Sandwich, Clams, Fried Chicken….. Forget about it.. 1) Laura, Tamara 2) Tamara, Stas

Blue Ribbon

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