Last weekend was pretty cool, I got to see what it’s like to travel like a literal rock star…

A handful of Joe Hahn’s friends met up at his house to catch a ride on a tour bus down to the Epicenter Rock show in Pomona.. We loaded up the bus with a bunch of goodies, snacks, all kind of drinks which included a nice bottle of Johny Walker Blue Label… Weeeee….

Next thing I know the tour bus is inside the fairgrounds…  And what seamed to be about 30 seconds of small talk after we got off the bus Bobby Hundreds, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, and gang took a shuttle to jump on stage with Alice in Chains…. (Bobby Hundreds and I scored all access / press passes and got to roam and take photos all around..)

It was pretty cool to watch Linkin Park, and Alice in Chains from literally front row n’ side stage.  But what’s even cooler is how down earth Joe, and Mike are…. I mean they are said to be the biggest rock band in the world and to play in front of a huge crowd in one’s street clothes….

To me that’s keep’n it real.. and keep’n it real = FRESH… Big up yoh-self!