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Kris from Go Deep!!

Go Deep

Heineken X HAZE Draught glasses. 114/250 S/O Team Epiphany killin the game.

HAZE X Heineken

Joel Madden in the Studio.    

Joel in the Studio

Madden Brothers Studio. B-Madden’s Guitar.


Madden Brothers Studio.

Mic Check

Photo: ALife, and the Alife crew. N.Y.C. L.E.S. May 2001.

Alife: May 2001

I recently purchased a raw denim shirt from Supreme. Shortly after my purchase I thought to my self, there is no way I’m going to rock a raw denim shirt for the next three years to get it looking like how I want…. So after a little magic and a little t.l.c. here’s what it looks […]

Before and After

My Brothers…. Los Madden..  

Los Madden


Agenda Show the new ASR + some.

Agenda Show

Had lunch with long time homie Rian over at Vans.. He’s one of the guys that helped launch the Vans Syndicate segment. After a Hawaiian lunch he walked me through the Vans office building and took me to the Vans Syndicate Wall of Fame.. Then we proceeded to a secret back area where he has […]

Vans Syndicate

Mickey of Paper Magazine and Josh.

Mickey and Josh

Stage left, side entrance to the club with Bronques and Josh Madden.


Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam

Rag & Bone.

Rag & Bone

Lo and behold caught another glimpse of Grace Coddington!

Grace Coddington

Anna Wintour walking up.. I guess we were at the right show..

Anna Wintour

Was on my way to the record store it dawned on me why I was feeling the way I was.. Like something was missing.. We’ll I figured it out.. I was missing food in my stomach.. I was starving.. I phoned up Pat from Oliver People/ Mosley Tribes and then headed over to grab a […]

Office Visits

Joe Hahn of Linkin Park played his new album A Thousand Suns for us..  They got some heavy bangers in there..

Joe Hahn

The Show before the show.

The Show before the show

Keno Flo

A while back buddy Joe Hahn asked me to work on his SURU collaboration shoe with his band mate Mike Shinoda‘s X DC Shoes. Joe, and Mike are both painters/illustrators in their own right.. Mike already having his artwork on the out-sole,  Joe and I went through some of his illustrations and found a really […]


Meet Mr. T, Wheat-Paste master. Here’s a behind the scenes look into one aspect of what I call Corporate Graffiti. 1) Tools 2) Prep work.. Just like priming the base layer of a canvas. 1) Getting it just right…  2) Oh my GaGa..


For all you closet Hip-Hop heads, aspiring producers and dj’s.. Have you heard of a book which lists all the breaks, samples, original songs that HipHop producers have been sampling all these years? Ever want to find out who sampled a particular song? Let me turn you onto The Holy Book of HIP HOP.  If […]

Holy Book of Hip Hop

After our Spring 2010 campaign showing. We headed over to our buddy Siki’s presentation over in the meat packing district. The energy at Siki’s presentation was amazing.. The presentation was inside dimly lit almost abandoned meat locker/warehouse with kids playing tribal-esque drums, people snapping photos left and right and lots of people with smiles on […]

Siki Im

Shipley & Halmos Spring 2010 Video presentation.

Shipley & Halmos

Con’t from the prev. post.. On the way outside(from the Band of Outsiders Presentation) I saw Grace Coddington!!! I wanted to talk to her but I was looking a mess with beads of sweat on my forehead.. After cooling down outside, I went inside to see if I could gather some words to talk to […]

Grace Coddington

Went over to Milk studios for the Band of Outsiders, and Shipley & Halmos presentations.. It was drizzling outside and there was a little drama at the door from people trying get inside from the rain…. But once inside.. It was just the opposite from the outside..???.  Outside was cool and wet.. and inside was […]

Band of Outsiders

After a late night it’s chop chop, off to an early start at the UnitedBamboo show with Laura, SuChin…

Unitedbamboo Runway

Last weekend was pretty cool, I got to see what it’s like to travel like a literal rock star… A handful of Joe Hahn’s friends met up at his house to catch a ride on a tour bus down to the Epicenter Rock show in Pomona.. We loaded up the bus with a bunch of […]


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