Hong Kong Island

The weather this time of year in Hong Kong is really great. You can actually wear a jacket.

Pretty much as soon as I got into town I headed to a ‘Variety’ charity event (not trying to sound all posh) to meet up with a couple of buddies, Kathleen and Andy. The charity event was to raise money to help kids in Hong Kong that have trouble getting around the city because of a disability. Hong Kong is not an easy place to get around if you have a sprained ankle let alone a life long disability. The turn out was great and I heard they surpassed their target goal. The event was held on the roof top in Lan Kwai Fung.
It seems that there’s alot of things on in the city now. Terry Richardson and a Michael Lau exhibition. The Kid Millionaire Steve Aoki is going to spin this Friday (in a town filled with Kid Millionaires.).. It’s always cool when theres extra curricular actives happening around town.



Later after we closed down the bar at the charity event we headed over to Racks.