Punks Jump Up

L.A.’s emerging punk scene from 1978 now showing at Bergamot Station at Track 16.

Photographs by Ann Summa.


Quoted from the poster.
Los Angeles: Photographs by Ann Summa
Ann Summa was returning from five years in Sierra Leone, Africa, and Tokyo, Japan when she landed in the mist of L.A.’s newly-born punk scene in 1978. She immediately recognized that she had stumbled onto something extraordinary and began documenting the people around her. Summa captured some of the best known bands to emerge from L.A. while they were still in their infancy-X and Black Flag, among others-and bands who went on to achieve legendary status despite the brevity of their existence, including The Germs and The Screamers. Also on view are images of The Bags, The Allycats, The Cramps, and The Suburban Lawns. Summa captured the many out-of-towners who passed through L.A.’s first generation punk community: The Bush Tetras and Lydia Lunch from New York; U.K. punk royalty Joe Strummer and John Lydon; and, two of punks unofficial godfathers, Iggy Pop and William Burroughs.

The photos were taken between the years of 1978 and 1984. Curated by Kristine McKenna.