Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty”

I was doing some research for a client who wanted help in the distressed denim dept. and ran into this little gem.

If your into denim Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty” a must cop if you can get it from someone who has an extra copy. I don’t think they were ever sold at retail. I am led to believe it was published in 2001. A few years ago I heard that this little old book was sold on ebay for $1000.oo bucks.. It’s a great resource if you want to geek out on denim, each page or spread has a shot of a different pair of denim. Next to the photo of the naturally worn in jean, is the brand name, retail cost, how many years it took to get the worn in pattern, how and when the 1st wash was, and what were the washing practices(maintenance of the jean) and lastly any particulars of the jean (like, if it was a original Levi’s XX from the 1940’s etc..).