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White Mountaineering

My Brothers…. Los Madden..  

Los Madden

Inspiration LA by Rin Tanaka author of My Freedamn books. Happening. Gathering. Fair. Sub-cultural movement. Americana(not your nyc hipster street fashion version of Americana). Union Made. Vintage. Pure. Awesome. Shop talk. Collectors Paradise. Inspiration. New. Old. Fresh. Pure. Tons of vintage L”E”vis.  Music and Booze. Inspiration LA 2011 Long Beach Queen Mary February 11-12. Three […]

Inspiration LA

Rag & Bone.

Rag & Bone

DJ’d buddy ol pal Claudine’s Birthday/ Fashion Night Out party with Hollywood Holt.. View from the Sky Room Times Square Hollywood Holt Girl of the night with Paul Icano

Claudine’s Birthday

Our Buddy – . Siki Im Fall / Winter 2010 “The Confidence of bankers and venture capitalists has been shattered, at least for a while, and it will take time for them to recover from the financial turmoil of the past couple of years. Steven J. Davis, Wall Street Journal, Jan 4, 2010 Well, we […]

Siki Im AW/10

Familar Faces

“Yeohee’s designs have attracted the attention of many museum and gallery curators. Her work has been featured in solo shows at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions that include the Hayden Gallery at the Massachusetts […]


EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROS ended their tour to a home coming performance in front of a sell out crowd at the El Ray Theater.. Mr. Cole far left rock’n cassette jeans.

Edward Sharpe @ The El Ray

After our Spring 2010 campaign showing. We headed over to our buddy Siki’s presentation over in the meat packing district. The energy at Siki’s presentation was amazing.. The presentation was inside dimly lit almost abandoned meat locker/warehouse with kids playing tribal-esque drums, people snapping photos left and right and lots of people with smiles on […]

Siki Im

Con’t from the prev. post.. On the way outside(from the Band of Outsiders Presentation) I saw Grace Coddington!!! I wanted to talk to her but I was looking a mess with beads of sweat on my forehead.. After cooling down outside, I went inside to see if I could gather some words to talk to […]

Grace Coddington

Went over to Milk studios for the Band of Outsiders, and Shipley & Halmos presentations.. It was drizzling outside and there was a little drama at the door from people trying get inside from the rain…. But once inside.. It was just the opposite from the outside..???.  Outside was cool and wet.. and inside was […]

Band of Outsiders

After a late night it’s chop chop, off to an early start at the UnitedBamboo show with Laura, SuChin…

Unitedbamboo Runway

Fashion night out ends and 1st day of NY fashion week begins.. I meet with SuChin to check out the A Detacher show, a nyc underground fav.. We get 1st row.. vip treatment.. not a bad way to start off fashion week.. Thanks to, SuChin of course..

A Detacher Runway Show

Basketball, rooftops, open bars, people walking around serving food, Summer must be in full effect.. Undftd Pepsi Slam Dunk Contest on top London Hotel.. Put together by Mr. Curtis and friends.. Mos Def Performed some joints off his new album… 1) The Get Fresh Crew 2) Jazz and Jenilee 1) Mr. Curtis  2) Sneaker Steve, […]

Undftd Pepsi Dunk Contest

Last time I was in London I met up with buddies, Giles Wilson and Kate Hinton over at the Shoreditch House. We caught up a bit before Giles had to embark on a month long video shoot in South America. After his South America shoot he came over to LA and shot this cassette surf […]

Cassette Summer Surf Film

Word from the street… Josh Madden played at Webster Hall NYC the other night… He took a snap of what he saw on the wall…. BooYeah.

Webster Hall NYC

Besides the classic cars and great weather, there is another reason to like Southern California.. Most everyone can have their own garden.. This is Mr. Kling’s garden… Mr. Kling is one bad ass dude. A man’s man, and a veteran of war.. Anyone that knows Mr. Kling knows he’s cut from a different cloth, part scientist, […]

Gardening 101

I’m really into Jose Parla’s (aka ease) work.. I think it strikes a cord in me cuz of the graff/street background.. Jose has successfully honed that flavor into the white-box art world.  His work is always an inspiration… I could only hope one day to own a small scribble of Jose Parla’s work.. Between the […]

Jose Parla

Buddy Joanimal was gallivanting around Europe when she told me about Lykke’s semi-secret private performance at Bardot.. When we pulled up there was TMZ, paparazzi’s and a total scene..  None the less we were able to get on Lykke’s list and got in with noooo problemo… 1)Inside/Outside 2) Jennie, Teresa Lykke killed it.. Lykke at […]

Lykke at Bardot

Went to see the Lakers smoke some Nuggets in the 4th quarter to Win Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.. Series Lakers 3 – Nuggets 2..

Lakers Win Game 5

I was doing some research for a client who wanted help in the distressed denim dept. and ran into this little gem. If your into denim Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty” a must cop if you can get it from someone who has an extra copy. I don’t think they were ever sold at retail. I am […]

Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Regent

Edward Sharpe @ The Regent

Heard that they closed down Hollywood Blvd for a Depeche Mode show… Met up with Joanne, Teresa, and Juanita at Teresa’s house in Los Feliz. We saw the thousands upon thousands of hard core fans already in line.. By 4pm the line for admission extended from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset at least fifty people wide, […]

Depeche Mode Hollywood Blvd Show

Lykke Li spun a little set over at the Purple Lounge on Sunset.. Door was a little mad cuz they were at capacity… Talked with Joel K and his buddy in line. Short wait later.. Saw Peter Graham (rock’n a cassette shirt) and he pointed me to Neran’s table.. 1,2) Likke Li – (Love your […]

Lykke Li at Purple Lounge

Special shout to all those to came out to our SxSW party.. Big thanks to our buddies from Think, thanks to JM for spinning.. good times… And thanks to the guys who jumped into the pool.. Considering how cold the pool was, that was awesome…. And an ultra big shout out to all the people […]

SxSW Party

Headed over to the Levis/Fader Fort Compond..  When we got there we saw Hiromi and friends.. We rolled up to the front and saw the longest line in SxSW..(retarded) Good thing we bumped into Mike last night.. Gave him a text and boo-yeah.. Nothin but love… Mike laced us with staff wrist bands.. 1) Sheppard […]

The Fort

Rolled up to BoA’s U.S. album release party/performance..  People say BoA’s the Britney Spears(At the height of her career minus the whole shaving the head, K-Fed thing) of Asia, selling over (eeh hemm.. )  34 million records as a young solo artist.. Wowzers… 1) Crowd forming.. 2) Cee-Lo, BoA, Farnsworth.. 1,2) BoA’s performing her new […]

BoA’s US Album release

A little clip from our backstage lounge..

HOC-Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week-FW09

A huge thank you to W Hotels and Think PR for hosting a viewing of our new campaign and as well allowing us to present a selection of our new collection.. The VIP W Hotels back stage lounge was truly back stage of the tents in Bryant Park.. The W lounge was where VIPs/Celebrities(Justin Timberlake)/Press […]

Back Stage Bryant Park NYC Fashion Week

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