A lot of people have a love/hate relationship for Las Vegas. At times I really like it, but the whole Magic/Project show experience can be a drag. Or is it that no one likes to work while in Vegas, maybe that’s it..
Nightlife during Magic is always crazy…. So, many places to go.. and so little time to do it all..


1) View from Moon, on top of the palms.. This place is prob one of the most illest clubs around!! The roof opens up right above the dance floor and you literally dance next to the stars.


1,2) Look out for Crystal Castle.. She killed it (on stage at Moon).


1,2) Random Homie shots around the show.


1,2) Gifting Day Spa hosted by Trane and Lisa.

*Special thanks to Trane and Lisa for all the hosting this weekend, you guys are killing it. Dinner was really nice, and the company was ill shout-outs to Haze, Hawaii, Stash, Rich-cr8, Aly, Rickey, Josh-cr8, comwelthcrew, crooks, hellz, and all the kids that were there…Yo, the gift bag was a keeper..

*Special thanks to Marcella at Kangol, Dinner and view at Nove was amazing!