Miss America

A few months ago we got a call from the Miss America producers asking us to take part in their last episode, which was going to be the red carpet episode. They wanted to revamp the Miss America image and make it a little more relevant to today’s television market. They asked us if we would like to outfit 9 of the states. They said they wanted to choose 6 leading designers from L.A. (We’ve been flattered before and it usually doesn’t work with us…) Our first reaction was… humm have you seen our clothes? They confirmed and said yeah we’ve already checked your website and they thought it would be a really great fit… Soo, I was like oh.. o.k.. (Pause..) I kinda told her what we were about, and gave a brief description of our customer and they were totally cool with it.. They wanted to revamp the Miss America show with different looks other than the old ball gown image.
I might have come off like a snob.. trying not to work with them.. only because were not the Miss America type of clothing brand.

After thinking about it.. we thought at the end of the day we thought it would fun.. A few days later we headed up to the film site and the whole experience was really cool. Everyone was soo nice to us… Catering to us our every need. They put us with the underdog team.. Soo funny.. We’ll I am really glad one of our girls made it to the top three. Gwan New Mexico, Go underdogs….

Question: Would we do it again? Yessir..

Miss America

Miss AmericaMiss AmericaMiss AmericaMiss America

All girls rock’n cassette.