Office Visits

Was on my way to the record store it dawned on me why I was feeling the way I was.. Like something was missing.. We’ll I figured it out.. I was missing food in my stomach.. I was starving.. I phoned up Pat from Oliver People/ Mosley Tribes and then headed over to grab a bite for lunch.. We ate at Joe’s Pizza (the same Joe’s that’s on Blecker-nyc).

After lunch we went back to the office and Pat showed me some of the concepts for the next campaign.  Sheeze, sounds like FUN!!

On my way to the parking garage I had to stop by the Crooks office.. Emil and gang was holding it down while Dennis and Rob are putting the finishing touches on their new store in Hawaii. After catching up for a few and saying whats up to the crew he walked me through the new season..

And ah-hem, I think I’ma need a couple of dem holiday outerwear jackets.. Smile.

Dee Loc’s Kaws Piece..