Polo Lounge

We were shooting at the studio…. Josh and Dan the man was kind enough to stop by for a while to say hi and chop it up… Josh man is in town for a couple of gigs.., and Dan was in town for an appointment and a dinner….(then back to work-nyc) Dan is a man of many wonders and an has enough of experiences to last a few life times.. Dan was kind enough to invite me to join in on a dinner at the Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills Hotel).. Got to meet the a nice designer/architect couple one of whom designed the Doir homme stores.. Yessir..

1)Dan, Josh

1) The Kobe (Wagu) Beef was nothing short of wowzers.. 2)The blueberry and chocolate souffle is a MUST…. Soo good made us get a happy…