A while back buddy Joe Hahn asked me to work on his SURU collaboration shoe with his band mate Mike Shinoda‘s X DC Shoes.

Joe, and Mike are both painters/illustrators in their own right.. Mike already having his artwork on the out-sole,  Joe and I went through some of his illustrations and found a really nice looking skull.. After a few tweaks, rotations, scale adjustments, logo placements, fabric and treatment call outs,

plus a few months….  Next thing you know we have a shoe.. Pretty cool considering most shoes take a prob a year and a half to get to market from sketch to retail, if not MUCH longer..

Both Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn were signing shoes and autographs at the SURU(Melrose/Los Angeles) store this weekend for the release of the shoe..

Thanks Joe for letting me be apart of the SURUxMSxDC Shoe.