The Man Be Hind The Walls

Check this out…..When traveling to Tokyo.. It can be a little intimidating at first.. Just try reading the metro maps.. It’s looks like a bowl of spaghetti. Different train lines going every where.. It could be hard to navigate even if you knew how to read Japanese.. Shoot, don’t even bother looking up there if you don’t know how to read Japanese.. It’ll just get you spun.. Just take a look at the metro map of Tokyo..



1) Wait a min.. what is this, “Call”? Not to worry.. 2) Slide tab, and press button.


1,2) Wait a few seconds and trap door opens.. And a friendly face appears happy to help you get to where you want to go..

I’ve used the “call” button everytime I’ve been to Tokyo.. It’s the best thing.. There is always someone behind the little door.. Once you get the hang of the train system you don’t need use the call button cuz it’s really pretty easy to get around.. but it’s to nice know that someone is just behind that little door… Even the small ticket machines that you don’t think someone can fit behind there.. If there is a call button there’s someone behind there.. I have told this story a number of times before and have always got a kick out of telling the story.. but never had photos to share.. ah.. finally,, photos to prove it..