After meeting up with our distributors in Japan I met up with Yone. One of the illest photographers. The Terry Richardson of Japan. I first met Yone about 8 years ago in Tokyo… His been in the mix ever since. Producing and publishing countless magazines since I first met him. I got a chance to stop by his office in Harajuku. In his office there are albums galore. I wanted to look through all of them. He showed me comp’s of his newest hard cover book due to drop at the end of the month. Many of you already know his work or have seen his style.. (American Apparel appropriated his style to the masses). Really raw polaroids young looking girls in their undies in very personal poses…. Yone is definitely a busy man, he’ll be traveling and showing his work for the next few months straight. I am glad our calendars synced up.


Stay tuned for a jump off with cassette next month..


1,2) Inside Yones office.

After dinner we met up with Yone in Roppongi at some Baller Status Members only Karaoke spot.


1) Another one of those finger print scanning and talk though the picture intercom members only won’t let you in unless you belong here security things.