Man, China is on the come up. The Peoples Republic of China is so ill. This place is the wild wild west but in the east. Cash rules everything around here. There’s a fine line of anything goes, but just don’t get caught doing something stupid. A country of contrast. Overnight billionaires to people still living off of rocksoup in the same town as the billionaires, and everyones getting their hustle on.


On the way to port town of Shun De (Shun Duh) P.R.C. for our tour of factory visits through southern China.

1) Hong Kong in the background. 2) Went through the port of Hong Kong which was a maze of huge boats ready to ship some dolla bills.


A thing with tea pots, they say you’re not supposed to wash it completely in order to save some of the oils for better tasting tea. Many dedicated tea drinkers have a different tea pot for the different teas they drink.

1)Factory workers tea cups. 2) Old jar as a tea cup. That brown stuff… tea resin.


1) After hand making the different parts of the sweater, sometimes they use use this contraption to link the pieces together. This part is called linking. 2) Our dudes know how to run a clean operation. Sample room.