Concert In Hong Kong-Bong!!!

Concert In Hong Kong..Bong!!!

My last night in Hong Kong.. I get a phone call from my man Omar, say’n I got an extra pass for you.. It was about eight when I end up finishing my last meeting. I had to go straight to the event and lo and behold, the timing was perfect. I ended up meeting all the boys in the lobby. We all got V.I.P. passes. It was ruckus..

HK Concert

Lady Killer Pharrell, rock’d it. Could I add, he’s a super nice guy, haller.

HK ConcertHK ConcertHK ConcertHK ConcertHK ConcertHK Concert

1,2) The boys kick’en it back stage.. Sup Dre…

HK ConcertHK Concert

HK Concert

1)On stage with Mary-Kate and Ashley.. 2)On stage with Kanye West. Kanye killed it on stage, with no wing man/hype man he had the whole arena listening to what he had to say.. Pretty powerful. This man speaks from the heart. Big up yourself.


Later we all headed over to a new club called Mint where the ruckus continued.

What a way to finish out the trip.

As Hova would say.. Kan-yeeze you did it again…

1)This guy Nigo aka “Big Baller”, aka “The man” spun for Teriyaki Boys..