Gardening 101

Besides the classic cars and great weather, there is another reason to like Southern California..

Most everyone can have their own garden..

This is Mr. Kling’s garden… Mr. Kling is one bad ass dude. A man’s man, and a veteran of war..

Anyone that knows Mr. Kling knows he’s cut from a different cloth, part┬áscientist, part engineer, part construction worker, an amazing cook, and full time bad ass angler n’ hunter…..

Everyone that I know who knows Mr. Kling says the same thing…. “Dude.. If WWIII ever breaks out and all hell breaks loose I’m heading to Mr. Kling’s house.”

Mr. Kling has known me for over 16 years now.. and I never stop learning from him..

He has practically grown everything that’s at your grocery store, and loves to share what he grows…

Here’s some of the things growing in his garden this season…

1)About 4 different types of Tomatoes 2) Corn

1) Squash 2) Jalapenos

1) Japanese Cucumbers 2) Every different color Bell Pepper you can imagine

1)Sage 2)Rosemary

1)Thyme 2)Green Onions

1)Boc-choy 2)Peaches

Mr. Kling gots it covered..

Ehem… my home made salsas game is about to be turned on….