Grace Coddington

Con’t from the prev. post..

On the way outside(from the Band of Outsiders Presentation) I saw Grace Coddington!!! I wanted to talk to her but I was looking a mess with beads of sweat on my forehead..

After cooling down outside, I went inside to see if I could gather some words to talk to her…On the way inside, I saw Rickey and told him that I had seen Grace Coddington.. He was like, what…where?!? And as I pointed and said ‘in there’… there she was…. I must have have looked a little surprised because she was right infront of me…. I smiled and we exchanged some words…. She was very warm and nice.. Bless her heart, she’s awesome..

She’s a great balance of creativity and getting shit done.. She was in and out of the presentation in no time.. She saw what she came to see and vanished… leaving whispers of ‘oh there’s Grace Coddington’ in her trail…