Food Coma ::

After the Depeche Mode show we were starving.. We were now on a mission to get some grub.. But with three girls you know that can’t be an easy task.. I thought in’n out would be an easy call but one of them was like ‘eww you know I can’t eat that.. you can go and I’ll just eat after’..(wtf..ahaha) ummmm so  we were thinking where to eat as thousands of people are walking by us prob thinking the same thing (lets go eat)… Thai was thrown out there by one of the girls but I couldn’t to wait for an hour to eat.. We decided to start walking away from the show… Time goes by and we couldn’t decide where to go eat so I threw up (the don’t fail me now) Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.. and I swear I thought we won lotto.. Cuz the girls were screaming with excitement.. I must have heard Roscoe’s repeated a 100 times in 30seconds.. It was perfect cuz we were only a couple of blocks away…  And as we were walking over there in excitement,  I couldn’t help but recap and laughed out loud and said ohhh we can’t eat in’n out but we can eat Rosco’s.. We all started laughing…

Give it up to the girls for going OG.. Good ol Rocoe’s