Depeche Mode Hollywood Blvd Show

Heard that they closed down Hollywood Blvd for a Depeche Mode show…

Met up with Joanne, Teresa, and Juanita at Teresa’s house in Los Feliz. We saw the thousands upon thousands of hard core fans already in line.. By 4pm the line for admission extended from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset at least fifty people wide, (basically a streets width..) so that was a no go.. We decided to put on our ninja shoes and we did a straight covert operation and snuck into the W residence construction zone .. With the construction workers wearing orange vests and hard hats going home for the evening we decided to walk in the shadows…


1) Duck like the movie Man on Wire we hid behind a stack a dry wall.. We heard a group of guys getting off work.. 2) Quick another pic before more people walk by..


1) Found a empty room where we chilled out for an hour..


1) Floor plan of the room we were chill’n in… 2) While we were chill’n we were killing time twitting, facebooking, and bbm’ing and we heard the after party for the Depeche Mode show was going to be at Capitol Records.. Look out the window.. Capitol Records..


1) With sun bout to set and  the show bout to start… Then we started tripp’n balls cuz we heard construction people kickin out other people hiding to see the show. 2) With the sun setting and show bout to start.. made it to the top next to the W sign. Hallazzz



1,2) Hollywood Blvd..Over 10 thousand peeps