• Posted on: September 10th, 2007
  • Posted in: Updates

The Rose Bowl, flea Market was this weekend.. And our buddy Joanne was in town from nyc to “shop LA” and “walk” the Rose Bowl.

It’s almost comical how many familiar faces you’ll see walk’n the rose bowl. – Joanne saw some old friends from nyc, that was in town to speak at the Getty.. As well as some old co-workers from nyc. Elise from cassette was also in the mix walking around with Ben and Ben’s mom (nicest lady).

So, while we were walking around I was telling Joanne about the legendary kettle pop corn.. It’s the bomb.. They are all huge and perfectly pop’d kernels, that is sooo sweet (glazed sugar) with a little bit of salt. Yummm. We walked around the rose bowl looking for it.. and when we found it.. We made sure our it was worth the journey..

rose bowl

Question :: How long does it take to walk around the actual rose bowl?

Answer :: A half a bag of pop corn..