Golden Temple

35mm(no photoshop):

I remember taking this photo of Kyoto’s Golden Temple back when I used to travel to Japan a lot more.  Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and is the most traditional city in Japan. (factoid- there is a building code in central Kyoto not allowing any buildings to be over 5 stories tall) Whenever I have extra time to get out of Tokyo or Osaka, I take the bullet train and head over to Kyoto and check out ‘The’ ‘Zen’ garden, the Golden Temple and many of the different temples in Kyoto….Another cool thing you can witness in Kyoto are real Geisha’s still holding up traditions…

The original Kinkaku-ji/Golden Temple was built in 1397.

Golden Temple : Kyoto

iCure For Man

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To all the fellas… Or maybe a little more to my single fellas..

This can possibly be the ‘icure’ for man.. A little thing like maintaining a Manicure, goes a long way.. (Can the ladies testify?)

This one is coin pocket size and I’ve had it for a ridiculously long time.. It’s been on every trip, I wouldn’t know what to do with out it (so much so I even have a spare)..

My dudes, next time your talking to someone you like, look at your finger nails….

If if they look like you’ve been playing with your ears and your ass…keep them in a fist..

Riding High

  • Posted on: September 30th, 2009
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Riding High by Homie-Loc 13thwitness.

After watching the vid it made me want to go ride..

Riding High from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Adidas X Neighborhood

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Sky Duke blessed me with this ill Adidas X Neighborhood Shirt/Jacket. I haven’t worn anything from Adidas in a really long time.. I’ve always respected the Japanese brand Neighborhood for it’s west cost(ish) hot rod inspiration.   (The name Neighborhood for a streetwear is ill in it’s self.) This plaid shirt reminds me alot of cassette’s shackets but sort of opposite.  Cassette’s shackets are old world fabrics sewn into modern cuts whereas this Shirt/Jacket is an old mechanics(plaid) shirt in a ultra modern fabric(3 layer Gore-Tex and water seal zipper).

Much love Sky.. You’ll see snowboarding with the shirt this winter..

Edward Sharpe @ The El Ray

EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROS ended their tour to a home coming performance in front of a sell out crowd at the El Ray Theater..

Mr. Cole far left rock’n cassette jeans.

Bali-Rice Valley


I took this photo in Bali while I was traveling through south east Asia. I don’t know the name of the place but I call it Rice Valley.

Bali Lotus


While in Bali I had noticed that this Lotus flower would open up every night near midnight. It was as if, it was showing off its it’s beauty, it’s creative dance, it’s symmetry to me… I was blown away by it’s graphic and unblemished petals.. I noticed it was ‘working’ at night.. It got me to ask my self why do most people I know like to work(create) at night? Here’s a photo I took of flower.


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Check out this ill stop motion video (collaborative animation) by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)..

Corner Building

Corner Building


Trash Van.

We Out Side

SuChin and I headed to get some Pop Burger… Look who pulls up and was nice enough to swoop us up Mr. Sky-G.. Lupe Fiasco was sit’n shotty and we were off to the races..

High Line Park NYC

While in the meat packing district.. We headed to the High Line Park.. What a smart way to use up space..

“The High Line was originally constructed in the 1930s, to lift dangerous freight trains off Manhattan’s streets.”   “When all sections are complete, the High Line will be a mile-and-a-half-long elevated park, running through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen. It features an integrated landscape, designed by landscape architects James Corner Field Operations, with architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro, combining meandering concrete pathways with naturalistic plantings.”

Walking the High Line that evening we got to see a spectacular performance of ceremonial colors transitioning from day in to night..

(no photoshop)

Frank Gehry Building NYC

Chelsea Piers Driving Range..

1) Saw this while walking the High Line near view of Frank Gehry’s nyc building.. a little homage to Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall. (Wink wink)

2) Sitting area to watch traffic roll by..

Siki Im

After our Spring 2010 campaign showing. We headed over to our buddy Siki’s presentation over in the meat packing district. The energy at Siki’s presentation was amazing.. The presentation was inside dimly lit almost abandoned meat locker/warehouse with kids playing tribal-esque drums, people snapping photos left and right and lots of people with smiles on their faces…  Congratulations buddy…

Rivington Hotel

Later that night we rolled by Def Jam’s VMA after party and then headed to China Chalet for United Bamboo’s after party where Kitsune and Photographer Sebastian Kim DJ’d…. Home girl Jackie was also throwing a VMA after party on top of the Rivington Hotel where Rhianna and Jessica Alba were posting up for the night… That’s where we ended our night, on the roof top of Rivington Hotel…

(btw. no photoshop on these photos)

1) Roof top Rivington Hotel: Rhianna in the back left…

1)Maestro, Sky (rock’n a cassette suit), Rickey 2) Maestro, Sky

Shipley & Halmos

Shipley & Halmos Spring 2010 Video presentation.

Grace Coddington

Con’t from the prev. post..

On the way outside(from the Band of Outsiders Presentation) I saw Grace Coddington!!! I wanted to talk to her but I was looking a mess with beads of sweat on my forehead..

After cooling down outside, I went inside to see if I could gather some words to talk to her…On the way inside, I saw Rickey and told him that I had seen Grace Coddington.. He was like, what…where?!? And as I pointed and said ‘in there’… there she was…. I must have have looked a little surprised because she was right infront of me…. I smiled and we exchanged some words…. She was very warm and nice.. Bless her heart, she’s awesome..

She’s a great balance of creativity and getting shit done.. She was in and out of the presentation in no time.. She saw what she came to see and vanished… leaving whispers of ‘oh there’s Grace Coddington’ in her trail…

Band of Outsiders

Went over to Milk studios for the Band of Outsiders, and Shipley & Halmos presentations..

It was drizzling outside and there was a little drama at the door from people trying get inside from the rain…. But once inside.. It was just the opposite from the outside..???.  Outside was cool and wet.. and inside was hot and humid.. Arrrg,  So I made the rounds and then made my way outside to wait for the Shipley & Halmos presentation…  On the way outside I saw Grace Coddington!!!  I wanted to talk to her but I was looking a mess with beads of sweat on my forehead..

After cooling down outside, I went inside to see if I could gather some words to talk to her…On the way inside, I saw Rickey and told him that I had seen Grace Coddington.. He was like, what…where?!? And as I pointed and said ‘in there’… there she was…. I must have have looked a little surprised because she was right infront of me…. I smiled and we exchanged some words…. She was very warm and nice.. Bless her heart, she’s awesome..

Unitedbamboo Runway

After a late night it’s chop chop, off to an early start at the UnitedBamboo show with Laura, SuChin…

Bowery Then Jane

After watching September Issue.. We headed over to the Bowery.. Side entrance.. No list, no money, just password steelo…

1) Joanne was hanging with buddy Sarah. Whom.. ahem, flew in a private jet to nyc for fashion week.. No seat belts, no please take your seat we’re about to land… plain ol’ do what ever you want.. cold chill’n steeze.. 2) Rickey and BennyGold were in town both un-fashion related trips to ny, everyone on the hustle..

Next stop Jane.

1) New spot, Jane.  Suppose to be the new Beatrice.. (who can keep track..) 2) After Jane we went to Noodle Town… After eating at Noodle Town, I think we decided that we were stick to WoHOP even though it’s heard to beat feeding 5 with beers for under 30 bucks..

September Issue

I’ve been hearing about September Issue(the movie).. I remember seeing the trailer a while back..

And recently I’ve been hearing from a number of people that it’s a good movie and I should definitely go check it out..

And what better time and place to see September Issue, but on a rainy day in NYC during fashion week..

I have to say… I really liked it, enough to see it about 2 more times..


Dear Grace Coddington there’s a little of you in type of people I admire.

A Detacher Runway Show

Fashion night out ends and 1st day of NY fashion week begins.. I meet with SuChin to check out the A Detacher show, a nyc underground fav..

We get 1st row.. vip treatment.. not a bad way to start off fashion week..

Thanks to, SuChin of course..

NYC Fashion Night Out

To kick off fashion week, Vogue got together and coordinated a fashion night out in Paris, LA and NYC.. I don’t know what it was like in LA and Paris but for nyc.. it was bananas.. It was the night before NYC fashion week and it was a sight to be seen.. All the stores were open late and people were spilling into the streets…. People couldn’t get into stores.. It was like every store was a club, bouncers and all.. I guess free drinks and music will do that to people….

As soon as I got into the city I met up with Sky and we dipped, ahem.. in blacked out Gwaggon.. Our 1st stop… Claudine’s Birthday Party at Caravan… As soon as we walk up we felt the energy.. people were a couple of drinks short of memory laps.. And Bronques was outside camera in hand….

After Claudine’s Birthday we headed to Opening Ceremony.. It was crazy outside… a mob of people trying to get in..

Off to the side we saw Nico from Stpl and some familiar faces…

Luckily as soon as we walked to the edge.. Carol was right there having a smoke.. and she was kind enough to pull us in..

Right when we entered… two guys were getting down Vogue-ing in the window, like it was battle time… Watch out..

We made our way to the back of the store and saw buddy Joanne, and Ahn.. by this time there was no more drinks.. but thank goodness for friends like lil JoJo,  she saved me the last tall cold Asahi…

Later we rallied the troops and headed to La Esquina for a bite…

Next stop.. Oakley party..

Hiromi and Benny Gold also happen to be in town so we met up and walked to the Fish for a drink before calling it a night…

Black Lips

Got a text from home-girl Ahn “we got you a VIP wrist band” to see Black Lips play in Chinatown…  Ahh yeah, Teresa, Juanita, and Ahn be lookin out..

LA Fires

LA’s in the middle of a heat wave and a fire storm, literally.

As the evenings have been coming around this week we’ve been heading to the beach to watch the sunset over Malibu… Absorbing and watching sunsets like these in the mist of all the mayhem allows you to see that things are not all bad in the news.

Clae Shoes / Stussy

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O.G. Loc Sung from Clae had a opening party for his Pop Up / Shop in Shop in side Stussy’s LA store on La Brea..

As I was headed over there I turned the corner I saw one of those Korean Taco trucks parked outside the store, I said to myself, Ahhh shit… it’s gonna be one of dem nights.. Good food, free drinks, catching up with old friends… equals a good time.

As I walked in the store Selector JD (Deadly Dragon Sound) was on the tables.. bringing in the tunes to ensure the night got off to a proper start.. Irie irie sound..

Later we headed to Stone Rose for the after party.  Sung put me on to DJ the opening set.. along side Dam Funk (Stones Throw) and Selector JD (Deadly Dragon Sound).. Good times..

Check out the gift bag.. Weeee…


Last weekend was pretty cool, I got to see what it’s like to travel like a literal rock star…

A handful of Joe Hahn’s friends met up at his house to catch a ride on a tour bus down to the Epicenter Rock show in Pomona.. We loaded up the bus with a bunch of goodies, snacks, all kind of drinks which included a nice bottle of Johny Walker Blue Label… Weeeee….

Next thing I know the tour bus is inside the fairgrounds…  And what seamed to be about 30 seconds of small talk after we got off the bus Bobby Hundreds, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, and gang took a shuttle to jump on stage with Alice in Chains…. (Bobby Hundreds and I scored all access / press passes and got to roam and take photos all around..)

It was pretty cool to watch Linkin Park, and Alice in Chains from literally front row n’ side stage.  But what’s even cooler is how down earth Joe, and Mike are…. I mean they are said to be the biggest rock band in the world and to play in front of a huge crowd in one’s street clothes….

To me that’s keep’n it real.. and keep’n it real = FRESH… Big up yoh-self!


Nisei Week 09

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Nisei Week 2009.

Nisei week is a nine-day festival in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district highlighting Japanese and Japanese American culture. 2009 marks the 69th year of Nisei Week(Nisei meaning- second generation.) It’s cool to see the ‘second generation’ upholding traditions of the parent land.. We need more of these types of things throughout the city to turn people on to different cultures and traditions…

The parade rolled right infront of our homie Steve and Jason’s store The Archival (fish mart).  So, we posted up there and caught up with some old school homies and made it a family affair…

Good times.


Gap 1969 Pop Up-Shop

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Gap’s 1969 Pop Up Shop on Robertson(LA) had their opening party the other night. Buddy Joel Madden was spinning so I dropped by to say hi..
Gap’s 1969 jeans and now cut and sew line has always intrigued me.. It’s cool to see that people on the inside are still pushing for the line.. The pop up shop will only be open for one month in LA and then rumor has it, after LA it’s going to NYC for a month.. I like the thinking and the outlook of the line.  It reminds me of cassette, only with Gap’s fit(straight leg, wider cuts). I was gifted a pair of these cinch back jeans.. they are pretty cool.  All the details are on point.. The two things I didn’t like was the wide leg opening, and the light weight denim that to some folks could appear cheap. But, for 88 bucks I think it’ll do the job just fine and then some for most people that aren’t the ultra connoisseur types.

Status Mag

Check out a new interview on House of Cassette and myself by the lovely Vicky Herrera in the latest issue of Status Magazine.

Status Magazine has been keeping it international with cover features like A-Trak, Uffie Fafi and current cover (hate her or love her) Lady Gaga…

Glad to see they wrote pieces on me brethren Sung Choi-Clae, Yone, and fav’s like Lykke Li..

Photo: 13th Witness :

K1 Karting

The other day buddy John Hensley (Nip Tuck also pro motorcycle racer) and I rolled over to Alpine Stars for a day at K-1 Speed Go Karts.. K-1 is awesome, these go karts move.. and they are state of the art electric powered machines.. These little bad boys are soo fun.. If you haven’t checked out K-1, I definitely recommend checking it out.. They time your laps, record your best lap time, and rank your place among the drivers.. Even if you’re not the competitive type, you’ll have a blast!