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Empire State of Mind

1)Dinner with buddy Claudine and a couple of her LA Think PR girls Grace and Jen along with actor Paul Iacono(Fame 09 – MTv), homie Neran(Diamond Supply Co.), and Matt.  2)Girls talkin to the big boss.. 1)Wed night at the Playhouse.. 2) Hollywood b4 it gets Hollyweird…

C.G. And Co.

Watching the sunset wearing shorts and a tee shirt in late Oct is not a bad thing.. Orange Sunset in time for Halloween 09

89 Degrees

Thanks to my buddies at Commonwealth I’ll be sport’n these bad boys in the snow this winter…  These are the illest Frogskins collaboration I’ve seen yet.  Tortoise shell with Oakley Iridum Lenes, yumm.. Oakley developed a special way to replicate the tortoise shell look using their plastics just for this collaboration.. Nuff Respect. — “The […]

Commonwealth Oakley’s

My old phone cover was mad bulky and didn’t ever want to come out of my pocket.. Buddy Neran linked me up with the Music-Skins people and they had me test out their product.. It’s like nikeID but with phone covers. 100% customizable. You can upload any photo or graphic to personalize your iphone, blackberry, […]


Our buddy HAZE recently relaunched his website, InterHaze. American Flag by HAZE. Hanging @ EM Studio

American Flag by HAZE

Sometimes after a few too many of ______ I feel like this.. Rickey Kim’s Kaws Companion (4 Footer)

4 Footer

Caught up with Jesse Lee at the Dub Frequency office this afternoon. He’s off to nyc for CMJ in a couple of days for his Creme de la Creme party which he throws, rsvp here.  Jesse and his crew are lining up some heat for the rest of the year, keep tabs on him here […]

Studio Visit Monday

For all you closet Hip-Hop heads, aspiring producers and dj’s.. Have you heard of a book which lists all the breaks, samples, original songs that HipHop producers have been sampling all these years? Ever want to find out who sampled a particular song? Let me turn you onto The Holy Book of HIP HOP.  If […]

Holy Book of Hip Hop

Gorillas in the Mist, LA Zoo..

Gorillas In The Mist

Random snap of a fun taxidermy store in Old Town Pasadena.

Window in Old Town

35mm(no photoshop): I remember taking this photo of Kyoto’s Golden Temple back when I used to travel to Japan a lot more.  Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and is the most traditional city in Japan. (factoid- there is a building code in central Kyoto not allowing any buildings to be over 5 stories […]

Golden Temple

To all the fellas… Or maybe a little more to my single fellas.. This can possibly be the ‘icure’ for man.. A little thing like maintaining a Manicure, goes a long way.. (Can the ladies testify?) This one is coin pocket size and I’ve had it for a ridiculously long time.. It’s been on every […]

iCure For Man

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